So, [ profile] carnivors and I were talking this afternoon about dark!Merlin and even though it's not normally something I seek out, I remember reading a really interesting fic ages ago that I wanted to rec to her, only I can't remember the title/author because I live in the dark ages and don't bookmark anything. Does anyone remember a fic in which dark!Merlin and Arthur are having sex and Merlin destroys the world at the end? And Uther may or may not get maimed/killed in the middle, but it's entirely possible I'm thinking of something else here?

I had a looksie in the non-con tag on mxa this arvo until I was unfairly yet understandably distracted by come-addict!Arthur fic, so if anyone could help me out, that would be super. You would get a gold star and everything.

Oh, okay, and Merlin this coming week? Aaaargh, excitement/reservation.

Today I am in love with this song: Can't Fish - Pete & the Pirates.

And Monte continues to be a treasure, I love his itty bitty face even if he doesn't let me sleep in of a morning.

Here he is trying to work out why yummy-looking berries no go in mouth.
ETA: That's some unfortunate USB cable placement there.
Second post for today. Don't lie, you missed this, didn't you?

Yeah you did.

SO, I don't usually do recs, but here, HAVE SOME MONTHS-OLD STUFF.

Right, so this fic? The Reason That I Laugh And Breathe by [ profile] glimmergirl. IS. AMAZING. THE LOVE, OH MY GOD. I CRIED. It's so depressing to realise you'll never have love like this.

Being With You by anon. WIP alert. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T BE ABANDONED. Denial fic is one of my favourite tropes, I'm not even going to lie.

The Prince's Sword by [ profile] psmithery. THIS IS EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT SCHOOL-AGED!BOYS FIC. The sexy tension in this fic, broken up between (deliberately) bad '80s porn, is just GENIUS.

Unrelated note, the first - a public service announcement: more prostate stimulation fics please. Like, not just mentioned in passing as 'that spot inside him that made him see stars'. Actual, legit focus. PLEASE. Pleeeease.

Unrelated note, the second - Bradley's arse:

(by [ profile] valderys)

I'm not an arse girl, but seriously? Bradley? Fucking CONGRATULATIONS on that thing.
I'm watching But I'm A Cheerleader for the first time in forever and aksalas;ldj please tell me someone has written a Merlin/Arthur version somewhere? I need Merlin and Arthur falling in love in a "homosexual rehab" camp more than I have needed anything everrrr.
Ask me to list my top five of anything! Top Five Songs? Top Five On Screen Kisses? Top Five Movies? Top Five Comic Books? Top Five Favorite Fictional Characters? Top Five Books? Top Five Music Videos? Top Five Web Sites? Top Five OTP's? Nothing is off limits! Be inventive! Ask for as many lists as you want.

IDK, just indulge me, I'm bored and thirteen minutes off eating my feelings away with a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. Okay, that was a lie. It's more like six minutes.
For just four days gone, I miss you guys entirely too much. POST SOMETHING? I think I'm having comment withdrawals.
Hey flist, heeey. I'm looking for two or three people to beta a fic of mine - 1000 words of fluffy Bradley/Colin. Anyone interested? It would be awesome if you had the power to turn rubbish into gold, that would be most welcome.
Calling all Bradley/Colin geeks, I need a favour!

Somewhere on the YouTubes exists two videos - one is of B & C during an interview (Paul O'Grady I think), showing Bradley using his master ninja skills to subtly move his knee away from Colin. The other is one of Bradley pulling out of touching Colin on the shoulder during an interview and then showing him in a more recent interview (also Paul O'Grady I believe) touching Colin on the shoulder, implying, I guess, that it took him that long to touch Colin.

ANYONE HAVE THE LINKS? Tell me I didn't imagine these!
So very, very bored. I tried to write porn but I even got bored of that. I didn't think that was physically possible, but there you go. You learn something new everyday!

And insert witticism here )
Back home again, housesitting was dull as shit but on the plus side I got to play more with my ipod because my aunt has wireless.

Because of boredom I wrote porn, which I would really love someone to beta because I know my grammar isn't fabulous. Something is definitely up with my paragraphs, I know there is! And I know it's not great, so I'd like directions to make it better.

The licks-into-his-mouth tally has been updated with three stories, a big week for licking apparently.

[ profile] openmoments bought me a virtual gift! No one has ever done that before! Straight up, I was this close to tears.

EWW, I just went to get a drink of water, right? And on the way back I stepped in a half-masticated gecko my dog has obviously been playing with. I have gecko on my sole, NOT COOL (although I feel there is an awesome name for a band someone in there, Gecko Soul, anybody?)

I downloaded new Shout Out Louds and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club albums, this is definitely the year that continues to keep giving.
Day 14 → a non-fictional book

A Short History of Nearly Everything )

In other news, January sucked and February isn't looking that much better. I can't even tell you why, life is just poo.

On the bright side, Merlin fans, how adorable was that horse video? I said this somewhere else but I really want to buy them ponies and force them to make horse puns forever, just for my amusement. And Katie, HOLY FUCK, she is stunning and totally dorky, I want to marry herrrrr.

Speaking of Merlin, I really want someone to write me a fanfic to this song by the Magnetic Fields.

lyrics here )

It's so perfectly adorkable-Arthur-trying-to-tell-Merlin-how-he-feels-but-not-knowing-how.

Also, what happened to my m/a fanmix drabble writers? *pokes*

Album rec for you guys: Erland and The Carnival (Myspace link here for track previews). I've been listening to this one non-stop since I got it a couple days ago.



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