Need an AU fic wherein Bradley and Colin didn't make it as actors and meet when paired up for a "gay for pay" porno and there is banter and sexy feelings and then they are GAY FOR FREE.

I need this for Very Important Reasons, obviously.
On the off chance that the person who made the following intelligent comment on m_m (yes, you read those last four words correctly) is on my flist: I love you and please continue to be awesome.

Cut for spoilers from yesterday's ep )

PS. I forgot to say yesterday, I probably won't be doing the long-ass reaction posts for the rest of the season. Maybe for the finale, we'll see how epic it looks. Too much effort for 6am and not enough payoff tbh. YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE MY CAPS THOUGH. NEVAH.
Hey flist, heeey. I'm looking for two or three people to beta a fic of mine - 1000 words of fluffy Bradley/Colin. Anyone interested? It would be awesome if you had the power to turn rubbish into gold, that would be most welcome.
Calling all Bradley/Colin geeks, I need a favour!

Somewhere on the YouTubes exists two videos - one is of B & C during an interview (Paul O'Grady I think), showing Bradley using his master ninja skills to subtly move his knee away from Colin. The other is one of Bradley pulling out of touching Colin on the shoulder during an interview and then showing him in a more recent interview (also Paul O'Grady I believe) touching Colin on the shoulder, implying, I guess, that it took him that long to touch Colin.

ANYONE HAVE THE LINKS? Tell me I didn't imagine these!



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