I think most of you are into Merlin too, so bonus XD

Basic things you might want to know -

Name: Kylie
Age: 26
Location: Australia
Occupation: internet explorer
Religion: devout worshipper of chocolate milk and Bradley James' face
Sexuality: Colin Morgan
Tumblr: right here
Things I will never get over: THAT THIS HAPPENED

Aaand that's pretty much it. I have the depth of a wading pool, honestly.

Looking forward to sobbing and flailing with you all on Monday. OH GOD.
Hola, new friends, HELLO, welcome to the jungle! I was going to do a whole introduction thing but, to be honest, it's been a long day at the end of a long week, so here's the basics:

1) My name is Kylie
2) I'm 25
3) I'm from Australia
4) Merlin is the only fandom I actively participate in
5) I freaking adore Colin and Bradley


So, right, I know my pitch on the friending meme was Colin Morgan in my pants discussion, but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ARTHUR PIC?

(Via [livejournal.com profile] ella_bane, via [livejournal.com profile] feilongfan)

Someone's been taking smouldering lessons from Santiago, I'm just saying.

And okay, okay, a Merlin picture because I can't resist -

Not so much a smouldering look, as a 'sneaking pervy thoughts into your head via mind control' one. SHUT UP, THAT IS HOW I CHOOSE TO INTERPRET THE PIC, DO NOT SHATTER MY HAPPY DELUSIONS. At least I didn't show you the one I call boob gropage. I still have my morals*.

*LOL NO, I really, really don't.

Pic via [livejournal.com profile] yorkshirewench & The One Show.

They stand together, a united front against the world: one and the other. So much around them is fake and sterile - the studio, the vapid hosts, the make-up that cakes their complexions - yet their smiles are real and unforced as they fit themselves into familiar places; a heated hand splays between the shoulder blades of one and gentle fingers dance in the small of the other's back. One is restless and playful, lets his fingers trace along the other's spine, slipping down until they're lingering at the seam of his shirt and he won't do it, he won't do it, but he does, two digits pulling up the shirt ever so slightly, bunching the fabric under his thumb until he reaches a sliver of skin. The other doesn't give anything away, smiles inanely for the camera in front of them but his heart quickens and his partner must notice the slight intake of breath as a careful finger smoothes along the skin and dips beneath the waistband of his jeans.

Mood music: Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers

I don't know how that happened. Actually, I do, the boys were born, they met and I became a porny heathen.

HELLO NEW MERLIN FRIENDS. Welcome, welcome, I apologise for myself in advance.


HAI HAI HAI to all the new Merlin people on my friendlist!

Some things you probably don't need to know: I'm currently going through a phase in which I post quite often but I've been known to disappear from LJ for over a year. I call my dogs ridiculous nicknames like wiggly butt and wobbles and I feel embarrassed on their behalf. I have an annoying habit of posting a smilie at the end of my sentences (especially xD - what does that even mean?) and I often put actions in asterisks, as in *highfives*. I apologise in advance for that. I use Google as a spellchecker and as a dictionary. My middle name is an acronym, I wish more people knew how to waltz and Merlin is the first fandom I've been in since my '03/'04 Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter days.

Notable Merlin posts )
Hey kids, how's it going? *Pets new Heroes fans new to her f-list* It seemed like a billion of you added me through that friending meme but I think it was like seven? Anyhoo, welcome!

Life stuff )

Recipe for White Christmas Cakes )

Songs on repeat )
So, welcome, help yourself to the free food, drink are only $1.50, it's for charity folks, the money is going to a good cause.

In saner terms, hey, I'm Kylie, this is my new journal. I had to get rid of Skadi - I'm ready to be me now.




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