Porn! Is it possible to have another wanking fest just for this gif, because daaaaamn.

Colin! With the hair! And YET ANOTHER Death Cab shirt! And the baggy jeans! AND SOCK FEET! And, true story, every time I see the picture with the character artwork in the background and the shirtless person that MIGHT! POSSIBLY? !! be him? I wrap my arms around myself, let the gentle Autumn breeze catch in my hair and, staring into the distance, I utter unto the universe, "please". Shirtless!Colin prayercircle, fandom, c'mon. We can make it happen if we BELIEVE.

Arrested Development! MAY 26 MAY 26 MAY 26. WHO'S EXCITED? I'm rewatching the series in preparation, but if you don't have time before the new season, this should get you there -

Community! It's been kind of ordinary, right? :( There's been a couple of jokes that have been as good as ever, but for the most part, it hasn't really had me laughing.

Vikings! LAGERTHA, MY LIGHT, MY LOVE *__________* And also -starts threesome chant-. PLZ.

Discussion! So, it's been a few months since Merlin ended and I know a lot of us are still sad, and it got me thinking a bit about Merlin and how he'd be feeling. So my question for you is, in canon, three months on (now almost four), where do you think Merlin is? Emotionally, physically. Basically, what's your Merlin headcanon for the months after Arthur dies?
Need an AU fic wherein Bradley and Colin didn't make it as actors and meet when paired up for a "gay for pay" porno and there is banter and sexy feelings and then they are GAY FOR FREE.

I need this for Very Important Reasons, obviously.
Obviously I didn't go to bed.

Feel free to pimp if you know someone who'd get a kick out of this <3

So there's a spider in my room.

On a completely unrelated note, one that has nothing to do with fearing the man-eating arachnid on my door, guess who's not going to bed tonight or even venturing in her room for the forseeable future?

--> THIS GUY <--

ETA: Wait, no, there was totally a point to this entry, that being that I need distracting. Soooooo:


What are you favourite kinks/tropes in fic? What DON'T you like?

My definitive (but not really) list )
1) It's rather jarring to hear that 75% of your state has been declared a disaster zone.

2) I'm thinking about getting a budgerigar. I'd name it Merlin, as if you had any doubt.

3) My horoscope for this week, which I choose to believe today because it suits me, which is how I view all horoscopes. I'm winning money? AWESOME! I need to grow up. Pfft, load of crock. Anyway:

Your temper may flare, but don't feel guilty about it as a relationship may have run its course. You need the company of positive people most of all. Links to your community may strengthen, with a group project tapping your natural enthusiasm. It's time to get invovled.

I ended a relationship this week! Positive people are what I need in my life! I want a group project! I have enthusiasm! I do! Just look at all these goddamn exclamation points!

4) My happy place for the week: Arthur asking to be restrained by Merlin's magic. Magical bondage, if you will. Mmmm.

5) Toothache :(



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