2013-09-10 01:34 am

In which something that beautiful deserves worship

I'm somewhat of a bottom!Arthur ~connoisseur~, so when [livejournal.com profile] katie_andrew asked for a list of my fave bottom!Arthur fics, I was on it like, well, Merlin on Arthur. I was just gonna shoot her an email but then a couple of my other twitter followers seconded the request and I was all, well, why not make an LJ post and spread the love like, well, Merlin spreads Arthur's legs.

♥ I've tried to make note of any major warnings, but please make sure you read the warnings the author has listed for your own safety ♥ Assume all fics are rated NC-17 and not safe for work ♥ To the best of my ability, pairings are listed in order of occurrence/mention ♥ Please please feel free to leave your own favourites in the comments! ♥

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2013-08-06 10:03 am

In which he's a Magikarp in the streets but a Gyarados between the sheets

Hey cool dudes, I hope you're all well ♥

Colin Morgan continues to be the bane of my existence.




Outrageous. To quote the best (anon) comment I've ever seen about him, Goddammit he's turning into a hot pokemon trainer.

he can catch me any time

this explains the Gyarados in his pants

id like to play with his pokéballs, if you know what I mean

(I'm sorry. Please have a nice day despite these jokes.)
2013-04-14 10:43 pm

In which I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run

Porn! Is it possible to have another wanking fest just for this gif, because daaaaamn.

Colin! With the hair! And YET ANOTHER Death Cab shirt! And the baggy jeans! AND SOCK FEET! And, true story, every time I see the picture with the character artwork in the background and the shirtless person that MIGHT! POSSIBLY? !! be him? I wrap my arms around myself, let the gentle Autumn breeze catch in my hair and, staring into the distance, I utter unto the universe, "please". Shirtless!Colin prayercircle, fandom, c'mon. We can make it happen if we BELIEVE.

Arrested Development! MAY 26 MAY 26 MAY 26. WHO'S EXCITED? I'm rewatching the series in preparation, but if you don't have time before the new season, this should get you there -

Community! It's been kind of ordinary, right? :( There's been a couple of jokes that have been as good as ever, but for the most part, it hasn't really had me laughing.

Vikings! LAGERTHA, MY LIGHT, MY LOVE *__________* And also -starts threesome chant-. PLZ.

Discussion! So, it's been a few months since Merlin ended and I know a lot of us are still sad, and it got me thinking a bit about Merlin and how he'd be feeling. So my question for you is, in canon, three months on (now almost four), where do you think Merlin is? Emotionally, physically. Basically, what's your Merlin headcanon for the months after Arthur dies?
2013-01-30 06:47 am

In which I make unhealthy decisions at 4am

I made the mistake of rereading this fic by suntipped when I woke up at a ridiculous hour early this morning.

/crawls into a corner with a blanket and a box of tissues, never to emerge again
2012-10-02 06:44 pm

In which my ability to can fades into the distance


2012-09-19 03:50 pm

In which I've got nothing of value to add

HI. I have nothing to talk about but I felt like I was due a post.


Do you like...stuff?

You know, I still pull that out during lapses in conversation. Ah, Simpsons quotes. Always applicable in life.

What's been happening, how are THINGS? Are we happy, are we sad? Are we glad, are we mad? Are we SUPER DEPRESSED BECAUSE THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME WE SEE BRADLEY AND COLIN LOOK AT EACH OTHER EVER AGAIN?


I'm not ready to say goodbye ;____;

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This post accomplished nothing.
2012-09-02 04:27 am

In which I rec

You guys. This fic.

Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son by skellerbvvt
NC-17, ~137k, Merlin/Arthur (main)

For the longest time Arthur and Merlin couldn’t even find an example of another same-dynamic soulbond, much less any particular reason why it happened. So they resolved themselves to learning how to live with it, and learning how to keep that big of a secret. (BDSM AU)

I have never quite lost myself so deeply or emotionally in an AU like I have with this one.

I want to study this fic. I want to take lectures in Arthur-feelings. I want textbooks expanding on the academia and psychology mentioned throughout. I want to sit in a tiny bookshop and listen to the author field questions about minor characters' backgrounds. I want people on the Internet to condescendingly explain all the things I wasn't smart enough to understand.

I want.

I want another 130k.

Despite being set in a foreign universe where sexuality is not the same as it is here, the injustices all have a ring of familiarity. Scattered throughout the story are cleverly written excerpts from their pop culture, mythologies, religious and academic texts that serve to illustrate just how different our universes really aren't. Society there pounds the same rubbish into their heads as it does into ours - that there is a 'right' way to be and a 'wrong' way. It'll break your heart a bit, both for the characters and in recognising their struggles in yourself or others around you.

The characterisations are superb and nuanced. Merlin is quirky and loveable and LOVING and in tune with everything. And this is the most interesting Arthur I think I've ever read. Oh god, he's going to leave you shattered. He's beautiful and angry and broken and startlingly, heartbreakingly relatable.

All in all, it's just a really fascinating, rich journey. Have patience with it - don't go looking for plot. Here, the story is in the world.

Here, the story IS the people.
2012-08-09 08:00 pm

In which introductions are necessary


I think most of you are into Merlin too, so bonus XD

Basic things you might want to know -

Name: Kylie
Age: 26
Location: Australia
Occupation: internet explorer
Religion: devout worshipper of chocolate milk and Bradley James' face
Sexuality: Colin Morgan
Tumblr: right here
Things I will never get over: THAT THIS HAPPENED

Aaand that's pretty much it. I have the depth of a wading pool, honestly.

Looking forward to sobbing and flailing with you all on Monday. OH GOD.
2012-07-15 07:22 am

In which contact high

1) Thanks so much for the messages and emails of sympathy for my grandfather's passing, I hope you guys know how much that meant to me. I can't believe it's only been a month; I've been so busy at stages and so much has happened and I've seen so many people, it feels as if it should have been much longer. I wanted to talk a bit about it, but every time I start I get stuck. How do srs words? Long story short, I have ~feelings but I'm repressing through internet and tv shows. Just like a real adult!

2) Got all four wisdom teeth out a week-and-a-half ago. Firstly, a big FUCK YOU to everybody I've ever met in my life who's told me the numbing needles don't hurt at all. I mean, it wasn't omg agony, but that was the least of my worries when the dentist was like, "okay, let's just have a look in here" and then I felt a pinch and I was like, oh, needle, okay, phew, that's done now. No. No, you know what the biggest conspiracy is? It's not just one or two pricks like I thought. It's about five. PER SIDE. So imagine my surprise when I felt the second prick. And then the third in my cheek where I felt definite squirtage. AND THEN THAT FUCKING FOURTH ONE THAT GOES CLOSE TO THE ROOF OF YOU MOUTH. Even the dentist apologised with a droll, "yeah, that one's the uncomfortable one". OH. OH IS IT? THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT, I'M EVER SO GRATEFUL.

Anyway, I survived and the next three days were a haze of painkillers, jelly and so much sleep I can't even comprehend. Feeling much more normal now after almost two weeks, though it feels like I won't ever chew properly again.

3) Teen Wolf. Sigh. The last time I posted about it, it was with giddy embarrassment. Now it's with resigned acceptance. Teen Wolf is a thing I am greatly enjoying, I'm not even ashamed anymore. And I'm ready to take my lurking to the next step if someone might point me in the direction of any LJ comms or tumblrs I should follow? Because right now I just track the TW tag and the pretty pictures only just barely balance out the dramaz and rp auditions.

Admittedly, I'm not really feeling Stiles/Derek. I KNOW, BLASPHEMY, HOW COULD I ETC ETC. It's just, I got into the show because the gifs on tumblr were enticing and I was very much thinking this would be a ship relevant to my interests. So I watched the show thinking I was going to be bombarded with ~tension and they have, like, five scenes together? I mean, I GET IT, I get the appeal, but I think I was expecting another Merlin and Arthur deal, with the constant eyesex and whatnots, and was let down by them not being all over my screen at all times. If you've got any good fic recs, I am willing to be converted though?

Like this one, which was so super adorable. Stiles' voice in this is spot on.

And while I'm reccing, this Jackson gangbang fic is delicious.

Bit of a Jackson fangirl tbh. It's his face.


I am powerless against those eyebrows.

4) nf" ofw {"ufjw{)(uWPIOD 'GOIFH3E49EJV N


5) M/A fans - you're all reading [livejournal.com profile] adelagia's WIP, Shadowplay, right? It's my happy place in Merlin fandom at the moment, it's so cute and witty <3

6) How's things with you? COME TALK TO ME, I'm high on comicon pics right now.
2012-05-21 12:15 am

In which aww friend, made-up football friend


I didn't even know it was possible to feel this fond of a celebrity I don't want to sleep with?

But I want to have his food babies.
2012-05-04 03:45 am
2012-03-27 08:09 pm

In which my libido has had it up to here





2012-03-20 04:35 am

In which I need

Need an AU fic wherein Bradley and Colin didn't make it as actors and meet when paired up for a "gay for pay" porno and there is banter and sexy feelings and then they are GAY FOR FREE.

I need this for Very Important Reasons, obviously.
2012-03-17 07:59 pm

In which I remember good times past

Came across a post on tumblr today requesting fics containing dubcon and was delighted to find a fic I hadn't read in years. And not just that, I think this might have been THE fic. You know. THE fic. The one that gets you into fandom. The one that convinces you to try more of this fanfiction business. The one that could have been made for you, were you not still just a lurking lurker who has no friends yet.

I wonder all the time: what if I hadn't read such good fics and never gotten into fandom and never found some really fucking amazing people?

I really don't know where I'd be right now.

A Hard-On For Violence is the fic, by the way. Is it any wonder teenage boys are my favourite (...trope in fandom, internet police, please sit back down)? This fic must have set the precedent for me (after being conditioned by years of Harry/Draco, Ron/Draco fic of course).


Anyway. There is no real point to this entry, I just felt like sharing my happy days and yay fic feeling.

Is there one particular fic that got you into Merlin fandom?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] carnivors, do you remember when we were discussing dark!Merlin a couple of months ago and I'm like, duuude, you have to read this one thing, it's totally fucked up and brilliant, and then I couldn't remember what it was? BOOM.