You guys. This fic.

Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son by skellerbvvt
NC-17, ~137k, Merlin/Arthur (main)

For the longest time Arthur and Merlin couldn’t even find an example of another same-dynamic soulbond, much less any particular reason why it happened. So they resolved themselves to learning how to live with it, and learning how to keep that big of a secret. (BDSM AU)

I have never quite lost myself so deeply or emotionally in an AU like I have with this one.

I want to study this fic. I want to take lectures in Arthur-feelings. I want textbooks expanding on the academia and psychology mentioned throughout. I want to sit in a tiny bookshop and listen to the author field questions about minor characters' backgrounds. I want people on the Internet to condescendingly explain all the things I wasn't smart enough to understand.

I want.

I want another 130k.

Despite being set in a foreign universe where sexuality is not the same as it is here, the injustices all have a ring of familiarity. Scattered throughout the story are cleverly written excerpts from their pop culture, mythologies, religious and academic texts that serve to illustrate just how different our universes really aren't. Society there pounds the same rubbish into their heads as it does into ours - that there is a 'right' way to be and a 'wrong' way. It'll break your heart a bit, both for the characters and in recognising their struggles in yourself or others around you.

The characterisations are superb and nuanced. Merlin is quirky and loveable and LOVING and in tune with everything. And this is the most interesting Arthur I think I've ever read. Oh god, he's going to leave you shattered. He's beautiful and angry and broken and startlingly, heartbreakingly relatable.

All in all, it's just a really fascinating, rich journey. Have patience with it - don't go looking for plot. Here, the story is in the world.

Here, the story IS the people.
Not having the greatest week on record, things are rubbish at home again with my grandfather's depression and I've been having let's call them "chest issues" for the last four days. I hope you guys are doing better than me ♥

So. Is there fic where Arthur or Merlin is a girl who gets turned into a boy forever and the pair, who've been flirting for months, now have to deal with that? Does that exist?

Also: do we have any gladiator fics? Because I would also very much like to read that too.

Finally, does anyone have a trusted recipe for chicken soup?

*curls into a ball*
Hey you *nose bop*

What do you want to talk about?
I was halfway through a whingey entry, waxing emotive about being sick (again, thanks for failing at your job, immune system), and loneliness, and how much I miss fandom and the way it was when I first joined - when there was a sense of community and people wanted to discuss things and make new friends, instead of hanging out anonymously and bitching and whining unnecessarily; and then I was like, NO, KYLIE. Not tonight. Tonight we dine in lulz.

So I give you the thing that never fails to make me cry with laughter - HP Summary Executions: Greatest Hits. Basically, the best (read: worst) summaries people have come up with for their Harry Potter fanfiction.

To entice you:

A story of pain and sorrow, not intented for comfort or laughter...a story that remains untold, on of abuse and blood...telling of a shattered girl who learned to twist a heart of stone into one of warm gold. This is not a story for the faint of heart, nor the happy in spirit. But for those who are able to understand what it means to be watch as a girl's spirit is shattered like glass upon concrete. Watch as she melts the young master's heart of ice, and watch as she helps him heal. She has no name, but Señor Draco.

Señor Draco.

Señor Draco.

Señor Draco.

Other slices of brilliance to look forward to (just the keywords, I don't want to spoil you too much, after all): Dumbledore fucks no Americans!, back virginity, wereflamingoes, and MIND BOOGLEING SUPENUSE!!!

Enjoy, guys!

PS. [ profile] wholly_crepe, your WIP has comforted me immeasurably these last few days. Jsyk. ♥
I'm feeling brave and self-destructive, so what the hell, here we go -

The ALL ABOUT ME honesty meme

Reply anonymously (post comment -> more options -> Anonymous) and tell me what you REALLY think about me. Do I post too frequently? Do my RANDOM OUTBURST OF CAPS annoy you? Do you have sexy dreams about me (if so, details please)? How rubbish is my fic? TELL ME YOUR ISSUES, OKAY?

IP logging and "My Guests" are off, not that they were on to begin with, but, you know, now you know. Comments are screened until I work out if I'm okay with them.
Went and saw Deathly Hallows again on Friday and I can confidently give it the thumbs up now. The most important thing I noticed this time around? Rupert Grint's forearms. Rawwwr.

Officially blocked in a writer-ly way, which is INCONVENIENT as I owe some lovely people Christmas fic and I'm not going to be that person who flakes, I'M NOT. I think it may be because I have that modern day Merlin surf fic still eating my brain. Also some pwp Percival/Merlin, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT.

GIVE ME RECIPES PLEASE. I've been in a cooking funk, I need something new and yummy to cook.

Aaaand now I've forgotten all the other shit I was going to talk about. IT WAS FASCINATING TOO, YOU KNOW IT WAS.

Come talk to me about one/all of the following:

a) why Merlin and Arthur are failboats in love
b) why Colin and Bradley are failboats in love
c) your ultimate magic reveal scenario
d) the one kink/trope that never fails to turn you on
e) your topic of choice
Housesitting resumes again tonight, solidly for the next month, but I'll be home on weekends <3

Parting gifts:

Via [ profile] ontd_merlin - Catchy, addictive lulz.

And brought to my attention by the gorgeous [ profile] readvacancy, Pride & Prejudice, Merlin-style:

Love you guys, you're an amazing flist ♥
HAI HAI HAI to all the new Merlin people on my friendlist!

Some things you probably don't need to know: I'm currently going through a phase in which I post quite often but I've been known to disappear from LJ for over a year. I call my dogs ridiculous nicknames like wiggly butt and wobbles and I feel embarrassed on their behalf. I have an annoying habit of posting a smilie at the end of my sentences (especially xD - what does that even mean?) and I often put actions in asterisks, as in *highfives*. I apologise in advance for that. I use Google as a spellchecker and as a dictionary. My middle name is an acronym, I wish more people knew how to waltz and Merlin is the first fandom I've been in since my '03/'04 Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter days.

Notable Merlin posts )

Via [ profile] graceakapoe @ the [ profile] bradleycolin friending meme.

My ovaries! Can anyone be more adorable than Colin Morgan? Don't even respond, the answer is no.
I'm bored, so I googled some Katie McGrath images.

Enjoy the mini picspam )

In other news, I forgot to mention my [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt was filled! It was actually the first one to be done on the whole meme, I believe, (so if you followed the meme closely, you'll know which anon I was) which kind of made me feel spesh.
Day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy

Lazing it up today because I feel sick and shattered and yawny.

Add me if you want:


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Day 15 → a fanfic

I've been excited about this question since Day One! Under the cut are two stories, one Merlin slash, one Lord of the Rings rps, so don't waste your time if either of these things aren't your bag, baby.

Two stories and one really long excerpt )



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