• Filed under things that would not make me giggle if I weren't a Merlin fan and I had an ounce of maturity: there's an English cricketer playing right now called Eoin Morgan. Eoin married Colin. Hee.

  • Reminds me of that magazine article where the journalist wrote "Bradley Morgan". Now that was a good day to be a fangirl.

  • Mood: I've been in a really weird space this week, I've kind of just wanted to curl up in bed and play Fruit Ninja on my iPod. This past weekend the house had been full of family visiting from Sydney, so I think I'm just withdrawing into some calm after a mad weekend full of loudness and constant doing.

  • Gripe of the week: I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK. I'm going through some sort of fanmix-making withdrawal. Does my computer nerd not realise I have a gay love story to tell through the medium of SONG? GOSH.

  • Song of the week: )

    Aaand that's all I've got to blather on about, I don't know, I feel really boring lately. I do feel a pervy poll about Bradley and Colin coming on soon though. Yay?

    Also, Happy Australia Day, fellow Aussies! Yay, our country! That right there is pretty much the extent of my celebrations though.
    1) It's rather jarring to hear that 75% of your state has been declared a disaster zone.

    2) I'm thinking about getting a budgerigar. I'd name it Merlin, as if you had any doubt.

    3) My horoscope for this week, which I choose to believe today because it suits me, which is how I view all horoscopes. I'm winning money? AWESOME! I need to grow up. Pfft, load of crock. Anyway:

    Your temper may flare, but don't feel guilty about it as a relationship may have run its course. You need the company of positive people most of all. Links to your community may strengthen, with a group project tapping your natural enthusiasm. It's time to get invovled.

    I ended a relationship this week! Positive people are what I need in my life! I want a group project! I have enthusiasm! I do! Just look at all these goddamn exclamation points!

    4) My happy place for the week: Arthur asking to be restrained by Merlin's magic. Magical bondage, if you will. Mmmm.

    5) Toothache :(
    Bah, what a world of suck today was. Need Colin and Bradley in a box please.


    The election still remains undecided; some reports are leaning towards Gillard remaining PM, but if she can't schmooze the Independents, then we're all up shit creek with Tony Abbott.

    In more positive news, new Sufjan EP, wheee!

    Lookit my new icon! Oh, Rosario Dawson, you are the love of my life today <3

    True Blood season three has begun airing on tv here, finally. Ep one was so-so though. Without spoiling me, does it get better?

    I watched the classic film, Once Upon A Time In The West, for the very first time last night and wow, it was brilliant. I've always been a fan of older movies but I never particularly got the appeal of Westerns but this, oh this. Cut for brief, vaguely spoilery gushing )

    And that's pretty much it, what's going on with you guys? Not long until new Merlin now, less than month!
    Music Meme, last three days )


    Via [livejournal.com profile] cordeliasmarz

    EDIT: Also, on a politcal note, UM WUT. I didn't even know they could just dump the PM and appoint a new one. Why did no one do this with Howard?
    This is probably only relevant to the Aussies on my list but Tomorrow When The War Began is finally a film! Click for trailer )
    In Australia, our dangerous wildlife eats other dangerous wildlife for breakfast.

    Oh yeah, that's a shark, bitches.

    In other news, I posted the OT3 fic at [livejournal.com profile] merlinrpf *bites fingernails* It's a ridiculous time to post, as half the world is asleep, but meh, I'll use that excuse for when I get no comments. Many thanks again to the beautifous [livejournal.com profile] randomb33 for the beta <3

    - two stories making headlines in the past few days
    Australia had its Federal Election today and we now have a new Prime Minister. Finally!

    That's it, no real update, although, oh! I made a yummy cake today, I'll post the recipe in next entry.



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