It was my birthday yesterday, hurray, huzzah, etc. I was reasonably excited this year, I'm not sure why. Usually I just want to hide in a corner and pretend it's not happening. But I had an okay time. Went to the doctor in the morning, but nothing happened there so it wasn't too bad. Had to go for an xray and blood test today though. Blood tests are always super unfun, my veins are turds and it always takes the nurse several tries to find a vein that wants to give blood. But anyway, results next week, eep.

But back to my birthday, I got the new ipod touch and it has barely left my hand since. I like having a camera and the internet in my fingers at all times. Speaking of that combo, I joined instagram, my username is trussed if you want to follow me. My last upload is a pic of meatballs okay, if that isn't a solid advertisement I don't know what is. (Just let me know who you are please or I won't follow you back.)

My family took me out to lunch and I had some DIVINE pumpkin and feta arancini, oh my gosh, I wanted to eat it for the rest of my life.

I forgot to take a pic at the start of the meal, I was too mesmerised when it arrived at the table *__*

Then we went to Max Brenner's for dessert because it's supposed to be chocolate paradise but it was craaaap, I was totally disappointed. How could something chocolatey let me down? HOW?

And that was pretty much my day. Gosh, I'm 27 now. Motherfucker.

Hope you're all well ♥
1) Thanks so much for the messages and emails of sympathy for my grandfather's passing, I hope you guys know how much that meant to me. I can't believe it's only been a month; I've been so busy at stages and so much has happened and I've seen so many people, it feels as if it should have been much longer. I wanted to talk a bit about it, but every time I start I get stuck. How do srs words? Long story short, I have ~feelings but I'm repressing through internet and tv shows. Just like a real adult!

2) Got all four wisdom teeth out a week-and-a-half ago. Firstly, a big FUCK YOU to everybody I've ever met in my life who's told me the numbing needles don't hurt at all. I mean, it wasn't omg agony, but that was the least of my worries when the dentist was like, "okay, let's just have a look in here" and then I felt a pinch and I was like, oh, needle, okay, phew, that's done now. No. No, you know what the biggest conspiracy is? It's not just one or two pricks like I thought. It's about five. PER SIDE. So imagine my surprise when I felt the second prick. And then the third in my cheek where I felt definite squirtage. AND THEN THAT FUCKING FOURTH ONE THAT GOES CLOSE TO THE ROOF OF YOU MOUTH. Even the dentist apologised with a droll, "yeah, that one's the uncomfortable one". OH. OH IS IT? THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT, I'M EVER SO GRATEFUL.

Anyway, I survived and the next three days were a haze of painkillers, jelly and so much sleep I can't even comprehend. Feeling much more normal now after almost two weeks, though it feels like I won't ever chew properly again.

3) Teen Wolf. Sigh. The last time I posted about it, it was with giddy embarrassment. Now it's with resigned acceptance. Teen Wolf is a thing I am greatly enjoying, I'm not even ashamed anymore. And I'm ready to take my lurking to the next step if someone might point me in the direction of any LJ comms or tumblrs I should follow? Because right now I just track the TW tag and the pretty pictures only just barely balance out the dramaz and rp auditions.

Admittedly, I'm not really feeling Stiles/Derek. I KNOW, BLASPHEMY, HOW COULD I ETC ETC. It's just, I got into the show because the gifs on tumblr were enticing and I was very much thinking this would be a ship relevant to my interests. So I watched the show thinking I was going to be bombarded with ~tension and they have, like, five scenes together? I mean, I GET IT, I get the appeal, but I think I was expecting another Merlin and Arthur deal, with the constant eyesex and whatnots, and was let down by them not being all over my screen at all times. If you've got any good fic recs, I am willing to be converted though?

Like this one, which was so super adorable. Stiles' voice in this is spot on.

And while I'm reccing, this Jackson gangbang fic is delicious.

Bit of a Jackson fangirl tbh. It's his face.


I am powerless against those eyebrows.

4) nf" ofw {"ufjw{)(uWPIOD 'GOIFH3E49EJV N


5) M/A fans - you're all reading [ profile] adelagia's WIP, Shadowplay, right? It's my happy place in Merlin fandom at the moment, it's so cute and witty <3

6) How's things with you? COME TALK TO ME, I'm high on comicon pics right now.


2) [ profile] camelot_drabble is a thing I am doing! Maybe! I don't know, I'm just bummed I haven't been able to write anything in a year and a half, and there's absolutely no pressure involved with this, I think it could be a good thing for me? COME PLAY WITH ME? Then when you've finished playing with me, go join the community. Ahahaha haha ha...ha? Forgive me, I've gotten into the Easter candy early.

3) Oh okay, so, totally random question that I could definitely google, except I'm here now, so I may as well ask...why is fish/seafood not considered meat? My family, though not generally religious in the slightest, always do the abstaining from meat thing on Good Friday, so we always have seafood and I DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU ARE FLESH FROM AN ANIMAL, Y SO SPECIAL, SEAFOOD?

3a) Did you guys ever hear that joke in primary school, where you'd ask someone if they liked seafood and if they said yes, you'd open your mouth to show them half-masticated food and say "see? food!" and it was ALWAYS HILARIOUS?

4) Speaking of opening mouths, I went to the dentist on Monday. Barely got any sleep the night before, was PACKING IT the morning of, but the dentist was tiny and adorable and I wanted to keep her forever. I have to get my wisdom teeth out at the end of the month and then some fillings and I'm super scared about these things. We were discussing the procedure and she's like, yeah, it's probably best you go to the doctor and get a script for valium. YOU DON'T KNOW ME OKAY MAYBE I'LL BE SUPER BRAVE AND AWESOME THAT DAY. MAYBE I WON'T EVEN WANT PAINKILLERS. THE DENTAL ASSISTANT WILL COME UP TO ME WITH THE NUMBING NEEDLE AND I'LL BE LIKE NO. I'M GONNA DO THIS RAW. I'VE GOT THIS.

That, or I'll wet myself with fear.

One of those two things, almost definitely.

5) Cheat's After Dinner Mint Cheesecake:

Serves one

¼ of a philly cheese packet, softened
caster sugar
2 Mint Slice biscuits (or your country's closest equivalent), crushed
dark chocolate, melted

1 - Beat cream cheese and about 1 tablespoon of caster sugar together until combined.
2 - Add about 1 tablespoon of cream and beat until combined.
3 - Add crushed biscuits and stir to incorporate. Refrigerate for 30 minutes-an hour.
4 - Swirl melted (but cool) chocolate through.
5 - Fucking gorge on that shit.

Sorry for the shady measurements, I was ~improvising. Add a drop of peppermint essence if you want a stronger mint flavour.

6) Oh man, sugar crash.

7) One more Bradley for the road

Are you ready to have your mind blown a bit?


If we compressed the fourteen billion years of our universe's history into just fourteen years, the earth would have only existed for the past five years.

Dinosaurs would have become extinct three weeks ago.

And the entire recorded history of human beings would span only the last three minutes.

Doesn't that just make your butt clench with excitement? Our lifespans aren't even a blip on the radar.
Let's get all chill up in here, okay, it's time for a motherfucking cloudspam.

I like clouds, alright? )
Thing, the first:

mixtape exchange


Thing, the second:

HARRY POTTER. Man, tumblr was on fire yesterday with all the sad graphics and did you see the speeches by the trio and Jo at the premiere? Bastards made me cry.

I'm seeing the film next Saturday, so I'll be avoiding all reaction posts until then. Or, trying to, at least.

Thing, the third:

How awkward/awesome would it be if Colin Morgan and Rupert Grint had to promote a movie together? ALL THAT INTERVIEW FAIL, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? Bless their little failboat hearts <333

Thing, the fourth:

I spent Sunday and Monday sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning and then by Tuesday night, I had the flu. God, my immune system hates me.

Thing, the fifth (and final):

*Home for the night, hello full-sized keyboard. If I type lively instead of lovely on my ipod one more time, I might scream.

I've actually only got a week and three days left of housesitting, I am somewhere between bummed and elated.

Tomorrow is a day of cleaning and disinfecting the house; my grandad had chemo today and he's having a blood transfusion tomorrow, and I know the chemo at least makes him very susceptible to germs.

*About to watch the final ep of Game of Thrones, finally, insert sobbing noises here. I have to say, I really enjoyed the series, having gone into it knowing absolutely nothing. I could do without the constant gratuitous violence, I'm forever watching the show through my fingers like a wuss, but then, this is HBO, I wasn't really expecting subtlety.

In related news, I would allcaps L-O-V-E to see Colin or Bradley in a guest role on that show *___*

*Lately, I've had to restrain myself from asking Bradley, via twitter, what Hogwarts house he thinks he'd be sorted into, because I don't want to give my friends second hand embarrassment. IT IS A FIERCE INTERNAL STRUGGLE THOUGH. I really want to know if he thinks he's a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff.

The things I waste my time thinking about, I swear to fucking god.

*Oh, so Pottermore? Still not entirely sure what it is but I am excited about new canon information from JKR. Are any of you going to sign up for the beta testing of the site?

The only thing that's made me a bit sad about this whole thing is that I guess this negates the need for the long-rumoured encyclopaedia? I was looking forward to holding more Potter in my hand.

Also, FINAL POTTER FILM IN ABOUT A FORTNIGHT. I just looked back and one year ago today I was posting the trailer for the first part, ~OH MEMORIES~

*So many of you are feeling bummed lately, big hugs to you all.
Hey you *nose bop*

What do you want to talk about?
Lancelot fans, today's retold myth caters to you.

God, I love that blog.

In other news, I should have pimped this ages ago but somehow didn't; the Richard Siken fic fest. I'd never heard of Siken before, as I'm not into poetry, but from the excerpts people have posted and the quality of fic produced, he certainly makes me curious. So go check out the fics or be ~inspired. [ profile] lemniciate and [ profile] lolafeist both wrote fantastic stuff, as well as the anon (Jenn and I have our suspicions!) who wrote this (finished here) brilliant piece, which made me cry (though to be fair, lately, that is an exceedingly easy thing to make me do).

In other, OTHER news, does anyone play Fruit Ninja on the iPod/iPhone? Like, obsessively? 905 on arcade mode last night, FUCK YEAH!

In the final bit of blathering for today, I think it is time for a Lord of the Rings extended edition dvd rewatch because I have seriously not watched them in forever and I used to be so in love.
So. Is there anyone on my flist NOT doing the Big Bang?

/dregs-of-society brofist?

But I am really excited for those people attempting it. Write hard, you sexy things, write haaaard. How are you all feeling? Confident or are you dreading it yet?

If the word limit had been 20k and I had been feeling particularly insane, I might have given it a whirl, but for 30k, I know there's no point, it just wouldn't happen. STILL, I am doing my bit, cheerleading for the Divine Miss Jenn, [ profile] lemniciate, which has all been rather exciting - it's like having a backstage pass for your favourite band.

3.30am, I should probably head to bed. MAYBE. But it's so hotttt. Oh, that's right. Four t's. It's that bad.
  • Filed under things that would not make me giggle if I weren't a Merlin fan and I had an ounce of maturity: there's an English cricketer playing right now called Eoin Morgan. Eoin married Colin. Hee.

  • Reminds me of that magazine article where the journalist wrote "Bradley Morgan". Now that was a good day to be a fangirl.

  • Mood: I've been in a really weird space this week, I've kind of just wanted to curl up in bed and play Fruit Ninja on my iPod. This past weekend the house had been full of family visiting from Sydney, so I think I'm just withdrawing into some calm after a mad weekend full of loudness and constant doing.

  • Gripe of the week: I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK. I'm going through some sort of fanmix-making withdrawal. Does my computer nerd not realise I have a gay love story to tell through the medium of SONG? GOSH.

  • Song of the week: )

    Aaand that's all I've got to blather on about, I don't know, I feel really boring lately. I do feel a pervy poll about Bradley and Colin coming on soon though. Yay?

    Also, Happy Australia Day, fellow Aussies! Yay, our country! That right there is pretty much the extent of my celebrations though.
    1) It's rather jarring to hear that 75% of your state has been declared a disaster zone.

    2) I'm thinking about getting a budgerigar. I'd name it Merlin, as if you had any doubt.

    3) My horoscope for this week, which I choose to believe today because it suits me, which is how I view all horoscopes. I'm winning money? AWESOME! I need to grow up. Pfft, load of crock. Anyway:

    Your temper may flare, but don't feel guilty about it as a relationship may have run its course. You need the company of positive people most of all. Links to your community may strengthen, with a group project tapping your natural enthusiasm. It's time to get invovled.

    I ended a relationship this week! Positive people are what I need in my life! I want a group project! I have enthusiasm! I do! Just look at all these goddamn exclamation points!

    4) My happy place for the week: Arthur asking to be restrained by Merlin's magic. Magical bondage, if you will. Mmmm.

    5) Toothache :(
    Errrgh, looking after my cousin's kids today. Not that they're any trouble, but, you know, kids. I have the maddest admiration for mothers, seriously. How you guys do it everyday is just beyond me.

    Totes posting that dialect meme when I get my computer back. By which time no one will give a shit but whatever, okay? You will listen to me laugh at the word 'route' and get tongue tied by the end of the whole thing and you will think it's goddamn precious, alright?

    Talk to me about Meeeerrrlin, I miss talking about it.
    Well, it's 11pm and that's me for the night. I've been down the Dog & Parrot with some mates but I'd had enough by 10. These days I'm quite content to watch the fireworks from the comfy confines of my living room, where there is significantly fewer drunken tools hanging about.

    ~Aspirations~ for next year

    The usual suspects:

    Lose weight, eat better, exercise more, etc etc.
    Figure out what I want to do because I'm 25 and this shit is redinkydonkey.
    Go to the doctor and DON'T IGNORE his advice like a twat.

    The new ideas:

    I want to collaborate with someone on something fannish! A tag team fic or another ficmix or something?
    Learn a new skill. Any suggestions?

    And that'll do.

    20 minutes to go, Happy New Year, kids ♥
    Bah, what a world of suck today was. Need Colin and Bradley in a box please.


    I hope all of you Christmas-y people had a lovely Christmas, I certainly did! This is probably the most relaxed Christmas I've ever had actually, everyone was really chill. I suppose because it doesn't actually feel like Christmastime - this last week we've had nothing but rain and a comfortable temperature, whereas the holiday season here in Australia usually spells three things - humidity, humidity, humidity. Actually, for the first time in forever, we had a proper, hot roast lunch. No one in my family wants to eat hot food in the middle of a hot day, so we generally have cold ham, pork and chicken, but this year we went traditional. It would have been exciting if I had any interest in roasted food, but, except for the potatoes (simmer down, Angela, I know you were worried there for a second), I don't particularly enjoy the old roast dinner. One of my uncles and I split dessert duties, so he made lemon meringue pie and I made a peach trifle and both were divine, so that bit, I enjoyed.

    Anyhoo, I ended the day watching Scott Pilgrim, so all was well.

    Today I braved the Boxing Day sales and shopped until my feet felt like they were about to drop off and I couldn't stand the fucking crowds any more. Man, why do people insist on being everywhere? GOSH.

    All in all, it was a seven happy penises kind of Christmas. I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A TEN.


    End of year fandom meme )

    In other news, I have the flu or a thoat infection of some sort, I can barely talk. Of couse I get sick in the Summer, OF COURSE.
    IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Aside from, you know, the earth rotating around the sun. Hey, did you know that scientists reckon there's more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of Earth? Mad, right?

    In other news, the results of the honesty meme are in and word is, I'm fabulous.

    Who knew?

    Music under the cut )

    Went and saw Deathly Hallows again on Friday and I can confidently give it the thumbs up now. The most important thing I noticed this time around? Rupert Grint's forearms. Rawwwr.

    Officially blocked in a writer-ly way, which is INCONVENIENT as I owe some lovely people Christmas fic and I'm not going to be that person who flakes, I'M NOT. I think it may be because I have that modern day Merlin surf fic still eating my brain. Also some pwp Percival/Merlin, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT.

    GIVE ME RECIPES PLEASE. I've been in a cooking funk, I need something new and yummy to cook.

    Aaaand now I've forgotten all the other shit I was going to talk about. IT WAS FASCINATING TOO, YOU KNOW IT WAS.

    Come talk to me about one/all of the following:

    a) why Merlin and Arthur are failboats in love
    b) why Colin and Bradley are failboats in love
    c) your ultimate magic reveal scenario
    d) the one kink/trope that never fails to turn you on
    e) your topic of choice
    Random entry of randomness because I'm trying to keep myself awake for a few more hours.

    Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me. )



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