What if Mama McCall/Papa Stilinski/Papa Argent?




I think most of you are into Merlin too, so bonus XD

Basic things you might want to know -

Name: Kylie
Age: 26
Location: Australia
Occupation: internet explorer
Religion: devout worshipper of chocolate milk and Bradley James' face
Sexuality: Colin Morgan
Tumblr: right here
Things I will never get over: THAT THIS HAPPENED

Aaand that's pretty much it. I have the depth of a wading pool, honestly.

Looking forward to sobbing and flailing with you all on Monday. OH GOD.
1) Thanks so much for the messages and emails of sympathy for my grandfather's passing, I hope you guys know how much that meant to me. I can't believe it's only been a month; I've been so busy at stages and so much has happened and I've seen so many people, it feels as if it should have been much longer. I wanted to talk a bit about it, but every time I start I get stuck. How do srs words? Long story short, I have ~feelings but I'm repressing through internet and tv shows. Just like a real adult!

2) Got all four wisdom teeth out a week-and-a-half ago. Firstly, a big FUCK YOU to everybody I've ever met in my life who's told me the numbing needles don't hurt at all. I mean, it wasn't omg agony, but that was the least of my worries when the dentist was like, "okay, let's just have a look in here" and then I felt a pinch and I was like, oh, needle, okay, phew, that's done now. No. No, you know what the biggest conspiracy is? It's not just one or two pricks like I thought. It's about five. PER SIDE. So imagine my surprise when I felt the second prick. And then the third in my cheek where I felt definite squirtage. AND THEN THAT FUCKING FOURTH ONE THAT GOES CLOSE TO THE ROOF OF YOU MOUTH. Even the dentist apologised with a droll, "yeah, that one's the uncomfortable one". OH. OH IS IT? THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT, I'M EVER SO GRATEFUL.

Anyway, I survived and the next three days were a haze of painkillers, jelly and so much sleep I can't even comprehend. Feeling much more normal now after almost two weeks, though it feels like I won't ever chew properly again.

3) Teen Wolf. Sigh. The last time I posted about it, it was with giddy embarrassment. Now it's with resigned acceptance. Teen Wolf is a thing I am greatly enjoying, I'm not even ashamed anymore. And I'm ready to take my lurking to the next step if someone might point me in the direction of any LJ comms or tumblrs I should follow? Because right now I just track the TW tag and the pretty pictures only just barely balance out the dramaz and rp auditions.

Admittedly, I'm not really feeling Stiles/Derek. I KNOW, BLASPHEMY, HOW COULD I ETC ETC. It's just, I got into the show because the gifs on tumblr were enticing and I was very much thinking this would be a ship relevant to my interests. So I watched the show thinking I was going to be bombarded with ~tension and they have, like, five scenes together? I mean, I GET IT, I get the appeal, but I think I was expecting another Merlin and Arthur deal, with the constant eyesex and whatnots, and was let down by them not being all over my screen at all times. If you've got any good fic recs, I am willing to be converted though?

Like this one, which was so super adorable. Stiles' voice in this is spot on.

And while I'm reccing, this Jackson gangbang fic is delicious.

Bit of a Jackson fangirl tbh. It's his face.


I am powerless against those eyebrows.

4) nf" ofw {"ufjw{)(uWPIOD 'GOIFH3E49EJV N


5) M/A fans - you're all reading [livejournal.com profile] adelagia's WIP, Shadowplay, right? It's my happy place in Merlin fandom at the moment, it's so cute and witty <3

6) How's things with you? COME TALK TO ME, I'm high on comicon pics right now.



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