HI HI HI. Home until Friday. I have zero to say but hi anyway. Thus far, my hiatus has yielded the meaningful, substantial and existential enlightenment one would expect, for example:

a) Baking a cake is far more rewarding at 2am, than at any other time.

b) If I had to experience dirty fic in audiobook form, I would want Nigella Lawson as the narrator.

c) I only exist as body heat for the dog to warm herself by of an evening.

d) I Know What You Did Last Summer remains a terrible, terrible film after all these years. Jsyk. Oh Freddie Prinze Jr., it hurts deep in my soul when you try to form an expression.

And that's that. Life-affirming, I know.
I officially want this day removed from the timeline, who do I see about that? Distraction time (much like hammer time, just with less hammer pants)!

2008 flashback, here, have two bands that, combined, have only just under two thousand listeners according to Last.fm.

Powderhorn Park - Faux Jean [mp4] I've been listening to this one on repeat for the last 12 hours, just so you're aware of its awesomeness.

Cannot Sleep - The Record's

And a lulzy gif!

And a lulzy link - Six Reasons To Ride A Polar Bear To Work. Interesting follow-up reading: Seven Reasons To Keep Your Tyrannosaur Off Crack Cocaine and How To Ride A Pony.

And now I'm possibly on hiatus. Or not, idk?

EDIT: Turns out not.
HOME. Home home home home home. Finally.

One of those days. I was run off my feet looking after the two kids and baking all day and all I wanted to do was come home and chill, not fight with my mother about money. And my Morgana fanmix flopped, and the house is messy again just one day after I cleaned it, and I really don't want to take the train to Brisbane tomorrow. It's only an hour trip, but I have this complex; whenever I know there's no toilet available, I suddenly find myself needing to pee. And I could have gone five minutes earlier, it doesn't matter to my bladder.

Anyway, I won't have a lot of internet access for the week up there, try not to miss me too terribly.

Songs I'm loving:

Girl I Love You - Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy

From a Sinking Boat - the Magnetic Fields
But know that I love you,
Know that I wrote my last words to you,
From a sinking boat.

You Need Verses My Galak Sea - Starboard Silent Side
There are words and sentences, signs and coincidences,
That cannot be erased.
I've contracted the symptoms of love (but the schizophrenic kind).

Stadium Soul - Adam Green
I've been nervous, I love you too much, my dear.
It's not murder, but thank you for waiting five years.
I'm back from my lovely little holiday. For about four hours before I have to head off again to look after my cousin for four days. Currently downloading Merlin and The Office for my ipod. Squee! I'll find iCarly on YouTube later , 2 episodes to watch of everything, I'm very excited! Not to mention a weeks worth of College Humor videos!

Did I miss anything exciting while I was gone?

Best Merlin trailer yet, y/y/? 0.26-0.30 is my favourite part because if you were new to the series, it totally looks like Arthur is talking about him and Merlin. In fact, I'm just going to imagine that way, excuse me for a little while :P

I really hope this is the season Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. I don't know that they can drag it out into another season.

Also? Arthur and King Giles at the end? OH HELL YES.

In other news, I'm going away tomorrow, for a nice week's holiday. Make sure you all post lots so I have something exciting to read when I come back because, alas, no internet! Which also means I miss out on the new Merlin until I get back, which is going to kill me, fyi. I'm missing out on The Office as well, so double sad face.
Hey, I'm baaaaack! For two days and then I go away for another week. Man I love this time of year, I get to take so many holidays! I did my aunt's place for two weeks, spent a day at home and then I did my cousin's place for the week over christmas. I got back last night and I'm home until Tuesday. My cousin tells me I've got another week off work, she and her husband have decided to take another week off (they just got back from holiday, I don't know why they need longer), so I've decided to go to Brisbane to stay with my other aunt until Sunday week.

Did everyone have a good holiday? I'll try to get round to reading everyone's journals before I leave. Can you believe I still haven't gotten to see the final of Heroes?

My toothache is back :( Hardcore too, I woke up in so much pain last night. Still, I'm too scared to go to the dentist.

My fave songs of the moment:

Heart's a mess - Gotye
This song is so wonderful. It has a sexy beat but the lyrics are kind of bummed out, though the contridictions only help each other. I've given you the radio edit of the song, my full version is like 8mb which would take me ages to upload.

Toothpaste Kisses - the Maccabees
This is the cutest song, beaten only by its own video clip. I'm only posting the clip because my music file is mp4 and there's always someone who doesn't use itunes.



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