I finished two mixes tonight -

A season 2 Lydia [/Peter] fanmix. Listen here.

A mix for good girls with blood on their hands. Listen here.

I think these mixes are the result of the ginormous lady boner I've had for female vocals this year. Mmm, ladies.
We'll Find Our Way
(in the end)

- an Arthur/Merlin reincarnation mix

Download under here )
Two mixes I made for [livejournal.com profile] lemniciate's mixtape exchange.

An upbeat mix and songs to commit crime to...sexily )
We Play The Game They Fix
- a Merlin/Arthur fanmix

Download under here )
I'm wired, too much caffeine, WHAT'S HAPPENING FRIENDS?

Did you Arrested Development fans see Bateman on The Daily Show the other day? He reckons Mitch Hurwitz is halfway through writing the AD movie script. So...it's back on again? STOP TORMENTING ME AND JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN, WORLD.

Artists not guessed on the lyric meme: the Left Banke, Port O'Brien, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Folk Implosion, Yeasayer, Starboard Silent Side, Liza Minnelli, New Order, Vetiver, and Midlake.

More space videos to blow your mind under here )

Lastly, new Summer mixtape click for tracklisting and download link )
Bradley/Colin fanmix - All We Are Is Everything )
Skipping Winter for the moment, I give you:

the Spring mixtape )
I made a Summer mixtape a month or two back (here) and because I'm slightly OCD I realised that, shit, now I've got to do the other seasons too or it will be UNEVEN (and the world would thusly cease to exist). I should wait until each season rolls around to release them but that would imply I have patience, and I don't, so here you go, part two - songs that sound like Autumn.

Cut to save your friends page )

Winter and Spring coming sometime soon.
I'll post this on the communities tomorrow but as of now, friendslist gets first dibs.

Just like the title says! )
24 song Merlin character analysis fanmix )
I know the majority of you are enjoying wintery goodness but here in the Southern Hemisphere it's hot. It is REALLY hot. So I made a mixtape in honour of Summer, or, if you're anything like me, in honour of The Songs You Listen To When The Air-Con In Your Car Is Broken And You Have To Drive With The Windows Down All The Way (TSYLTWTACIYCIBAYHTDWTWDATW for short).

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I am still not as ashamed as I probably should be xD
Le Cut )
I tripped and accidently made a Colin/Bradley fanmix. I am...not as ashamed at making this as I possibly should be?

under here )
Merlin/Arthur fanmix, part dos )

Next on the agenda: a 24 song character analysis on our favourite Merlin foursome. It turned out more cracky than I had planned xD It's pretty much in the bag Done-zo, expect it in the next week or so!
All My Little Words (Could Never Make You Stay) - an Arthur/Gwen Break-Up Mix

Warnings: Spoilers for season 1, 2 and the legends, I guess?
Disclaimer: No, I don't hate Gwen, she's lovely. Nor is this a slight against the pairing.

Heartbreak ahoy )
Disintegrating - a Morgana fanmix.
PLUS a bonus 5 track mix, Evil evil-doers of evil.

WARNING: While the storyline that accompanies the songs is vague and I've taken many liberties, you could definitely say that it contains spoilers for seasons 1 & 2 and various Arthurian legends. I've yet to meet a Merlin fan who doesn't know what's in store for Morgana in the future, but I so know some people who haven't seen any season two eps yet, so consider yourself warned.

Likewise, the mini!mix contains the name of a baddie who isn't bad yet, and again, while I've never met a Merlin fan who didn't know about this part of the legends, it'd be just my luck to spoil one, so BEWARE.

With that said, please enjoy!

Enjoy! )
Silly Wrong but Vivid Right, an Arthur/Merlin fanmix.

I was thinking about this the other day and in my head this is how their storyline flows, so I thought, 'hey, I know I have some totally rad songs that go with this'. Thus, a fanmix was born. No album art because I am not graphically inclined.

UPDATE 30/10: Holy crap, over 60 70 80 90 100 MOTHERFLIPPIN' PEOPLE have taken this mix. Think I just weed myself a little!

Enjoy! )

Next project - batshitcrazy/evil!Morgana fanmix. Done and located here.



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