I made the mistake of rereading this fic by suntipped when I woke up at a ridiculous hour early this morning.

/crawls into a corner with a blanket and a box of tissues, never to emerge again
Just finished Parked.

Having Colin Morgan feels.

Just gonna die over here quietly, don't mind me.

**Spoilers in comments**
Not having the greatest week on record, things are rubbish at home again with my grandfather's depression and I've been having let's call them "chest issues" for the last four days. I hope you guys are doing better than me ♥

So. Is there fic where Arthur or Merlin is a girl who gets turned into a boy forever and the pair, who've been flirting for months, now have to deal with that? Does that exist?

Also: do we have any gladiator fics? Because I would also very much like to read that too.

Finally, does anyone have a trusted recipe for chicken soup?

*curls into a ball*
I have feelings today. Feelings everywhere. And not the good, dirty kind of feelings, either.

So an Arthur/Merlin boys in love gifspam is in order. Sorry people with dialup. Sidenote: does dialup even exist anymore? Also, is that a firstworld dumbfuck question?


click for boys [in love with boys] )
I don't know what the flip is wrong with me lately, but I've been crying at pretty much the slightest emotion all week. But the happy ones only. I've been in an emo mood for the last couple of days, but the moment anything happy occurs, I'm all SOB SOB GREATEST THING EVER.

I was re-reading In Want Of A Wife by [livejournal.com profile] syllic earlier and it hit me all of a sudden how utterly, utterly meant for each other Merlin and Arthur are. Not just in that story, but in everything; in fic, in the show, in my head. Regardless of circumstance or merit, they're intertwined in such a way that makes it impossible for one to live without the other. That makes true happiness unattainable in anyone else's arms but each other's.

And it's not that this thought has never occured to me before, but the weight of it sort of pulled me under until I was wrecked with the gravity of it all, the enormity of such love.

And then I just felt really stupid because they're fictional characters, but whoever said hormones were supposed to make you rational?

So anyway, that set me off all afternoon, like a[n] [in-dire-need-of-a-mood-stabiliser] boss. Couple that with unnecessary repeats of my dead!Arthur fanmix and this fanvid of Bradley and Colin that [livejournal.com profile] rebbeile found, and today has just been flipping marvelous.

In other failings, somewhere in between being a perve and rejoicing that other people are just as pervy as I am, I forgot to thank [livejournal.com profile] lemniciate for coming up with a couple of the questions in the HARDEST POLL EVERRR (if you haven't voted, what, what, WHAT is wrong with you, you righteous bastards), after incessant nagging from me earlier that morning. SO THANK YOU, YOU MORALLY DUBIOUS WENCH.
  • Filed under things that would not make me giggle if I weren't a Merlin fan and I had an ounce of maturity: there's an English cricketer playing right now called Eoin Morgan. Eoin married Colin. Hee.

  • Reminds me of that magazine article where the journalist wrote "Bradley Morgan". Now that was a good day to be a fangirl.

  • Mood: I've been in a really weird space this week, I've kind of just wanted to curl up in bed and play Fruit Ninja on my iPod. This past weekend the house had been full of family visiting from Sydney, so I think I'm just withdrawing into some calm after a mad weekend full of loudness and constant doing.

  • Gripe of the week: I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK. I'm going through some sort of fanmix-making withdrawal. Does my computer nerd not realise I have a gay love story to tell through the medium of SONG? GOSH.

  • Song of the week: )

    Aaand that's all I've got to blather on about, I don't know, I feel really boring lately. I do feel a pervy poll about Bradley and Colin coming on soon though. Yay?

    Also, Happy Australia Day, fellow Aussies! Yay, our country! That right there is pretty much the extent of my celebrations though.
    I was halfway through a whingey entry, waxing emotive about being sick (again, thanks for failing at your job, immune system), and loneliness, and how much I miss fandom and the way it was when I first joined - when there was a sense of community and people wanted to discuss things and make new friends, instead of hanging out anonymously and bitching and whining unnecessarily; and then I was like, NO, KYLIE. Not tonight. Tonight we dine in lulz.

    So I give you the thing that never fails to make me cry with laughter - HP Summary Executions: Greatest Hits. Basically, the best (read: worst) summaries people have come up with for their Harry Potter fanfiction.

    To entice you:

    A story of pain and sorrow, not intented for comfort or laughter...a story that remains untold, on of abuse and blood...telling of a shattered girl who learned to twist a heart of stone into one of warm gold. This is not a story for the faint of heart, nor the happy in spirit. But for those who are able to understand what it means to be hurt...to watch as a girl's spirit is shattered like glass upon concrete. Watch as she melts the young master's heart of ice, and watch as she helps him heal. She has no name, but his...is Señor Draco.

    Señor Draco.

    Señor Draco.

    Señor Draco.

    Other slices of brilliance to look forward to (just the keywords, I don't want to spoil you too much, after all): Dumbledore fucks no Americans!, back virginity, wereflamingoes, and MIND BOOGLEING SUPENUSE!!!

    Enjoy, guys!

    PS. [livejournal.com profile] wholly_crepe, your WIP has comforted me immeasurably these last few days. Jsyk. ♥
    Bah, what a world of suck today was. Need Colin and Bradley in a box please.


    Oh Sunday morning, you have so little meaning to me now.

    Sigh, ~memories.

    EDIT: OMG THIS VIDEO (s3 spoilers obvs)

    (Via [livejournal.com profile] elderberryink @ [livejournal.com profile] ontd_merlin)
    Blergh. Just woke up from an unpleasant dream and I'm somewhere between raging and crying. Boo.

    In other news, I need a longer gif of this moment:

    cut for Merlin 3x12 moment )
    Forgive my lack of comments, I've been rather


    of late and that's no fun for anyone. BUT IT'S QUEST DAY and that solves everything!

    Via [livejournal.com profile] buddug_92 @ [livejournal.com profile] shapingdestiny
    Having one of those down weeks, feeling rather miserable about myself. Would you mind reccing your favourite happy-making fics? Or posting your favourite pics and vids?
    1.30am - Bed
    4.30am - Wide awake

    I don't think I've slept more than ten hours total in the last week and a half.


    Somebody make me a bowl of soup so I can weep into it. Hugs also accepted but there better be some sly groping involved.
    Aiming to start posting less, I realised I was being a prick with all my constant whining about being bored and/or emo. You guys didn't sign on for that shit and that's not what I'm usually about, honest. Well, I'm sort of emo tonight because I had a huge fight with my grandfather, but I'm not about to whinge about it in great detail.

    Music Meme, Day Eight )

    25 songs for you to download )

    Two album reviews + trailer for The Magnetic Fields doco )

    Long-ass meme I won't blame you for skipping )
    It's cold and cloudy and I've only been awake for two hours, but I think I'm going to head back to bed. It feels like one of those days, you know? I was disturbed from a lovely dream, the kind that leaves you aching with want for such perfection in your waking hours, and my day does not look set to improve in any sort of form.

    I thought I kind of had more to say but apparently I just wanted to spew a little melancholy your way?
    Day 19 → a talent of yours

    I am ridiculously skilled at self-sabotage.

    After getting good grades all my life, with just one and a half years to go at school, I stopped trying.
    I eat unhealthily and don't exercise.
    I don't seek help for my medical problems and when I did get the guts to go in last year, I never followed his advice and referrals.
    I've never had a proper job (the nannying and cleaning I've done for the past few years don't really count) and I'm getting to the point, if I'm not there already, where it's pretty much too late for me because who is going to want to hire the 24 year old with as limited experience as I have? Besides a call centre that is, but I won't work on telephones, I hate them.
    I'm lonely but I won't go out and meet new people.

    You know how I could fix all this? By doing the opposite. But making an effort. But god forbid I try.

    I'd give anything for a rewind button.

    I'm gonna disable comments on this entry because I'd feel awkward turtles about getting pity comments.

    Now bed, as it is 3.30am and I have to be up at 8, boo visitors. Happy Valentine's Day, by the way, if you celebrate such a thing.



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