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Unrelated, but you've all seen this video, right?


Pic via [livejournal.com profile] yorkshirewench & The One Show.

They stand together, a united front against the world: one and the other. So much around them is fake and sterile - the studio, the vapid hosts, the make-up that cakes their complexions - yet their smiles are real and unforced as they fit themselves into familiar places; a heated hand splays between the shoulder blades of one and gentle fingers dance in the small of the other's back. One is restless and playful, lets his fingers trace along the other's spine, slipping down until they're lingering at the seam of his shirt and he won't do it, he won't do it, but he does, two digits pulling up the shirt ever so slightly, bunching the fabric under his thumb until he reaches a sliver of skin. The other doesn't give anything away, smiles inanely for the camera in front of them but his heart quickens and his partner must notice the slight intake of breath as a careful finger smoothes along the skin and dips beneath the waistband of his jeans.

Mood music: Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers

I don't know how that happened. Actually, I do, the boys were born, they met and I became a porny heathen.

HELLO NEW MERLIN FRIENDS. Welcome, welcome, I apologise for myself in advance.


Via [livejournal.com profile] rainating.

a lovely story happened when bradley got a break from shooting the fight (he looked tired because of this strenuous exercise). colin went forward to him and took over his sword, and then……smoothed down bradley’s hair in a very short time!!! i didn’t take photo of that moment because it was too sudden and i was totally shocked by this tender movement…

Holy shit, my prompt came true.

*whistles innocently* Hey guys, wouldn't it be cool if Bradley and Colin made out on camera?
Day 15 → a fanfic

I've been excited about this question since Day One! Under the cut are two stories, one Merlin slash, one Lord of the Rings rps, so don't waste your time if either of these things aren't your bag, baby.

Two stories and one really long excerpt )
Great zombie jesus, some awesome videos appeared on my friends list today.

iCarly and Dorian Gray )
TRYING TO KEEP BUSY UNTIL MERLIN IS UPLOADED. This almost distracted me, what with the awks and the lulz and the mmm boytouching. You can get away with skipping to the 3 minute mark and the 6 minute mark if you wanted.

Episode three was the best one yet of series two of Merlin. I couldn't imagine it before but I totally see the appeal of Merlin/Morgana now. They would make gorgeous babies for sure. That's one thing I really like about this series and fandom. No, not the babies. The way the cast has so much damn chemistry, you can (and most people do) ship just about any combination. This is the first fandom where I haven't come across any arguments about relationships. There's the odd person of course but mostly everyone's like, 'I don' care who makes out, just bring on the pretty!'

Anyway, tangent. I've yet to watch True Blood (besides episode one) but I'm enjoying everything else at the moment. iCarly had been good (I know the most recent ep wasn't exactly great plot-wise, but there was a ton of little moments I loved), so has The Office.

I have been smoke free for a month now, go me!

Some songs and videos for your time )

Best Merlin trailer yet, y/y/? 0.26-0.30 is my favourite part because if you were new to the series, it totally looks like Arthur is talking about him and Merlin. In fact, I'm just going to imagine that way, excuse me for a little while :P

I really hope this is the season Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. I don't know that they can drag it out into another season.

Also? Arthur and King Giles at the end? OH HELL YES.

In other news, I'm going away tomorrow, for a nice week's holiday. Make sure you all post lots so I have something exciting to read when I come back because, alas, no internet! Which also means I miss out on the new Merlin until I get back, which is going to kill me, fyi. I'm missing out on The Office as well, so double sad face.
Last episode of Merlin airs tonight. Sad face! Which ambiguously gay couple am I going to squee over in my wait for the second series?
I'm not gonna say I'm back for good, it's like a jinx. But the plan is (at the moment) to post more frequently. We'll see.

So, firstly, WASSUP? How have you all been? Flippin' fantastic, I sincerely hope! I've just come back from playing mother to my 17 year old cousin for two weeks, cooking his meals and whatnot. That boy is seriously sheltered. What 17 year old needs/wants someone to stay with him? But we ended up having fun and I enjoyed cooking the meals. We've always had a tricky relationship and I'm entirely to blame for that, being a jealous kid and all, but I think we bonded. Hounding someone with invasive, personal questions tends to yield some insight into people. It's the Kylie way.

Also, I'm on Prozac now, and loving it. I have not been upset or been in a super bad mood for four months. The doc put me on it to help with my OCD too and it hasn't done much for that but he did tell me to get some psychotherapy too (anybody else think of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, when they hear that word? *shiver*) so I suppose I have to combine the two to get the results I want.

I quit smoking a few weeks ago and I lasted a week before I started again. Not because I craved one, but because I was bored shitless in the first week of looking after my cousin. Anyway, I've been smoking for two weeks, but I'm on my last (no, really, LAST!) packet now. Should be done by Wednesday. The whole quitting thing was surprisingly easy. The only day I really suffered was the second day, where I got quite shitty with everyone, but it passed within hours.

Current obsessions: Merlin. I think the term 'ho-yay' was invented for shows like this. I just watched episode ten, The Moment of Truth, and it is one of the slashiest episodes of ANYTHING I have ever seen. Awesome.

Flight of the Conchords. Hilarious band. I'm a bit late on that boat, but nevermind. Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenocerous has gotta be my favourite song on the album.

Jake & Amir. This web series KILLS ME. Amir is one of the funniest characters EVAH, fo sheezy. His lines are instantly quotable and the kind that will have you chuckling hours later. The newer episodes aren't as good as the older ones unfortunately (the link will take you to their 'best of' episodes though) but hopefully things will pick up. All you have to know if you click the link (and PLEASE do, you won't regret it) is that Jake and Amir work at the College Humor website (which incidently is also really good). Jake is normal. Amir is...a mixture of things. Half mentally retarded (he does not know how to spell 'Jake' for instance and thinks VP stands for rainbow instead of 'vice president'), half man-crushing on Jake, who he tries to dress like and constantly seeks his approval/tries to be his best friend and half 'loser-who-just-moved-out-of-home'. He still thinks eating take-way is the coolest thing (in fact, he only eats chicken nuggets. And I do mean only) and brags about getting drunk (even though he's unlikely to have ever tasted even beer). He's also dumb enough to believe half+half+half is an actual equation. It's...downright brilliant sometimes and I can't rec it enough. Watch this for example. Featuring a blooper at the end.

Coming sometime in the next few days...free music!
Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 4 (I feel lazy) of your favourite songs that begin with that letter. [livejournal.com profile] yours_in_revolt gave me N.

Naughty, Nice, Neurotic, Nerdy Nag )

For Sharon, [livejournal.com profile] heavensgoblin because she's had such a shitty week with her car, man!sex.

Or about as detailed man!sex as you can see on YouTube )
Oh Shaaaaron...

The Ongoing Boytouching Drama (or TOBD or, what I have been looking forward to for the past 24 hours)

There's been a couple of updates with them before this but they weren't really important. Basically all that's happened so far is Craig vehemently keeps denying he's gay.

For Sharon, [livejournal.com profile] heavensgoblin. You said you wanted to know!

Clicky here for the 'day after' of that clip I posted in my journal yesterday.

That's the story so far, and apparently they won't be on the show until the 1st of June. Looks like they're not resolving the story for ages :(



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