*Home for the night, hello full-sized keyboard. If I type lively instead of lovely on my ipod one more time, I might scream.

I've actually only got a week and three days left of housesitting, I am somewhere between bummed and elated.

Tomorrow is a day of cleaning and disinfecting the house; my grandad had chemo today and he's having a blood transfusion tomorrow, and I know the chemo at least makes him very susceptible to germs.

*About to watch the final ep of Game of Thrones, finally, insert sobbing noises here. I have to say, I really enjoyed the series, having gone into it knowing absolutely nothing. I could do without the constant gratuitous violence, I'm forever watching the show through my fingers like a wuss, but then, this is HBO, I wasn't really expecting subtlety.

In related news, I would allcaps L-O-V-E to see Colin or Bradley in a guest role on that show *___*

*Lately, I've had to restrain myself from asking Bradley, via twitter, what Hogwarts house he thinks he'd be sorted into, because I don't want to give my friends second hand embarrassment. IT IS A FIERCE INTERNAL STRUGGLE THOUGH. I really want to know if he thinks he's a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff.

The things I waste my time thinking about, I swear to fucking god.

*Oh, so Pottermore? Still not entirely sure what it is but I am excited about new canon information from JKR. Are any of you going to sign up for the beta testing of the site?

The only thing that's made me a bit sad about this whole thing is that I guess this negates the need for the long-rumoured encyclopaedia? I was looking forward to holding more Potter in my hand.

Also, FINAL POTTER FILM IN ABOUT A FORTNIGHT. I just looked back and one year ago today I was posting the trailer for the first part, ~OH MEMORIES~

*So many of you are feeling bummed lately, big hugs to you all.
Deathly Hallows, wooooo!

I dunno, I dunno, I'm still on an I FINALLY SAW IT high, but I think it's the thumbs up. I'm seeing it again tomorrow in any case, because a) I owed a friend and b) I missed three separate parts due to my bladder being a big bitch.

Spoilers ahoy )
Merlin fandom has been a bit of a buzzkill this week, what with a lot of spazzing going on about the spoiler pics from Pierrefonds, so here's something fun from two lovely ladies on my flist:

Kink Me, Merlin Fill Fest!
Want to see your favorite kinky prompts filled at the [livejournal.com profile] kinkme_merlin? Then come on over to the Kink Me, Merlin Fill Exchange Fest! We want porn and we want it complete! See you there. ♥ ♥ ♥

Go forth and porn, my pretties.

What's that? You need inspiration? Well, okay. Because you asked nicely, today's inspiration comes in the form of Mr Bradley James, who would sprawl all over your heart if you gave him half a chance;

Pic by [livejournal.com profile] yavannauk, here

And just in case you're not convinced yet:

Something bookish, something music-y )

And finally, something spoilery. Brief True Blood season three spoilers ahead. )
How are you all today? Have the Merlin fans on my flist recovered from the exciting events of yesterday? Trailer stuff under here )

Now, if only someone would leak the CC Deathly Hallows footage, I could die a happy woman.

Other stuff:

*Went op shopping on the weekend, turned out to be fruitless though, I only picked up a few cookbooks.

*Family gathering on Sunday went swimmingly, all my cooking turned out fine.

*[livejournal.com profile] rayslady's postcard finally came! Actually, funny story, we were chatting on AIM today and she asked me if it had arrived yet and just as I was replying no, my Nan walks in with the mail and hands it to me. Am now convinced Julia is hiding outside in the bushes, plotting to kill, dismember and/or rape me. YEAH, I'M ONTO YOUR GAME.

*Arcade Fire's new album - I've given it a few listens and I'm still not sure what to make of it. Has anybody else listened yet? What do you think? It's a lot more poppy than I've ever heard them play. I almost thought I'd got the wrong album when the first few chords of The Suburbs played. I don't know. I don't not like it, it's just not what I'm used to hearing.

*A Very Potter Sequel was fantastic and everything I wanted in a follow up, I love those guys so much. I can't say if I liked it better than AVPM, but Lucius Malfoy is my new favourite thing, I haven't lol'ed that hard in ages.

*Is anyone good at layouts? I want a new one, I hate the width in this one. Alternatively, does anyone know a good layout comm?

HP meme, days 11-15 )

*nerds out*
In a ridiculously happy mood tonight. Point form power!

*Bought myself some userpic space today, go see my new ones!

*Posted Bradley/Colin porn yesterday in case you missed it.

*[livejournal.com profile] rayslady and I should be taken out to a meadow and shot, as we quite honestly have no dignity left after we spent a good hour discussing what Bradley would be like if a) he was ill or b) he was pregnant. I wish I had NOT JUST CLOSED THE CHAT WINDOW LIKE A DICKHEAD THOUGH.

*There's been talk of a love-fest meme for the Merlin fandom going around, someone's doing this right? We need a big, gay orgy of love!

*Big family get together at my house this weekend, I'm very excited! I'm completely in charge of the cooking for the first time, so that should be VERY COOL/STRESSFUL.

*Any Wii games you'd rec? I finished Lego HP last week (frikkin' sweet btw) and I'm gonna trade it for something. But WHAT, is the question.

HP meme, days 5-10 )
HP meme, days 2, 3, & 4 )

This is yesterday's news but I haven't posted about Merlin in what feels like forever, so,

Via here.

I want to kidnap them and force them to perform slashy Merlin scenes forever meet them and be completely uncreepy in any way.
Harry Potter 30 day meme, get excited, dorks. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] airekuh.

There will be spoilers, so suck it up.

Day 1: Your favorite book.

Order of the Phoenix.

Probably the most commonly hated in fandom, but I don't know, it really struck a chord with me. Harry's anger, whilst annoying in the way that all teenagers' misplaced anger is, was understandable after the final events of Goblet of Fire and the beginning events of Order of the Phoenix. I could relate to the moods and I could appreciate that Rowling wasn't afraid to show us the flaws in him. He was a hell of a lot funnier in this one too. I don't think I'd ever lol'ed at the books before and then I was only at page eleven before Harry says, so dryly I always imagine, in response to Uncle Vernon's "listening to the news! Again?" -

"Well, it changes every, you see."

Up until this point, I don't think we've ever seen him talk back to his aunt and uncle in such a way. But after four books, you can see he's had enough of their stupidity.

In other respects, I thought the battle in the Ministry between Dumbledore and Voldemort at the end was EPIC, the threesome expanding into six was brilliant (YAY NEVILLE) and I loved how they all showed such initiative going after Sirius by themselves (however foolish a journey it turned out to be). Umbridge was the most vile and delightfully evil character and it's, I don't know, refreshing to read characters like her, Fudge and Percy, who are "bad" but not evil. To have them be a force against the good guys without pigeonholing them into Voldemort's camp.

And I've spoken about this before, but Order of the Phoenix was my first real experience with fandom, in that I got to anticipate and speculate with all the other fans in the months leading up to its release. There's a lot to be said about shared anticipation and how excitement builds enormously when you have people around that are just as worked up as you. The wait was just as big an event as actually getting my hands on the damn thing.

The book is obviously not without its flaws, it could have done with better editing, for one. I remember defending the need for "Hagrid's Tale" to be a whole chapter long because I was sure Grawp would be significant in some way during the final battle and as it turns out, he's not really. It's definitely not the most satisfying plot-wise, like Goblet of Fire, or the most satisfying in terms of answers given (Deathly Hallows, obviously). But it clearly captured my heart because despite being the longest of the series, it's the one I've read the most.

Rest of the days )


Also, Happy belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] randomb33, hope it was a good one! ♥

I've had a lot to say about these films over the past ten years and of course they don't come close to comparing to the books, but I'm not gonna lie, I almost cried watching this.
This is probably only relevant to the Aussies on my list but Tomorrow When The War Began is finally a film! Click for trailer )
Day 14 → a non-fictional book

A Short History of Nearly Everything )

In other news, January sucked and February isn't looking that much better. I can't even tell you why, life is just poo.

On the bright side, Merlin fans, how adorable was that horse video? I said this somewhere else but I really want to buy them ponies and force them to make horse puns forever, just for my amusement. And Katie, HOLY FUCK, she is stunning and totally dorky, I want to marry herrrrr.

Speaking of Merlin, I really want someone to write me a fanfic to this song by the Magnetic Fields.

lyrics here )

It's so perfectly adorkable-Arthur-trying-to-tell-Merlin-how-he-feels-but-not-knowing-how.

Also, what happened to my m/a fanmix drabble writers? *pokes*

Album rec for you guys: Erland and The Carnival (Myspace link here for track previews). I've been listening to this one non-stop since I got it a couple days ago.
Day 13 → a fictional book

Mordred, Bastard Son )
Day 04 → your favorite book

No surprise here.

I'm too sleepy to bother with a deep explanation. I know a lot of people didn't enjoy the book but I really liked Harry in this one. Yeah, he was moody and difficult and self-isolating and and petty, but I found that I related to him much better when he began sharing the same flaws I have. I thought it was smart and brave writing from Rowling because Harry isn't easy to read but he is, I believe, exactly how he should be after all he's been through.

I've read this book more than fifteen times, easily, way more than I've read any other of the books in the series and in fact any other book ever (except maybe this encyclopedia of dinosaurs book I had when I was 4, but that doesn't count).

Day 05 → your favorite quote

I've never really been a quote collector, but this one is on my profile page:

And so, while others miserably pledge themselves to the pursuit of ambition and brief power, I will be stretched out in the shade, singing.
- Fray Luis De Leon

Previous answers here.
I forgot to mention in one of my last posts that I recently read Neil Gaiman's American Gods and it blew my fucking mind. I loved it so much. Featuring so many mythological characters, I was basically in heaven, I love reading anything about old Gods and mystical creatures. Shadow is now one of my favourite literary characters, what a champ. And that twist at the end? I definitely hadn't figured it out. The story meanders along (and I read the extended edition, so that contributes) but at no stage did I find it boring. It's occasionally brutal but not as graphic as I was expecting, which definitely pleased me. It has definitely gone right on my top ten list.

I'm gonna make my way through his other books too. I read Stardust the other night and I like it for sure. The writing was just plain wonderful but I do actually prefer the movie because it's schmoopy and sometimes (and only sometimes), that can be a really good thing. Next up I think I'm going to read Good Omens (because Gaiman AND Pratchett!!!).

I currently have The Dodos' 2008 album, Visiter on repeat on my ipod. I downloaded it late last year and wasn't particularly fussed. Then I caught the song God? a month or two back and fell in love with it. I still wasn't really enjoying the album that much though. All of a sudden about two weeks ago I suddenly got the urge to listen to it and BAM, instant love. Now, I'm thinking, how did I not feel the love all those months ago? It is a bloody gorgeous record, really brilliant.

This month is shaping up to be an entaining one, erm, entertainment-wise. New Merlin in FOUR DAYS, True Blood season 2 TOMORROW (I know the season has been aired in the US already, DUN SPOIL ME), new iCarly season and an episode every week for September (as opposed to one every month), series premiere of Better Off Ted on cable, which I just watched and laughed my arse off. And, what am I missing? OH OH OH, the Office! Wheee. Not gonna want to go outside this month!

For you:

Winter - the Dodos

And one from A Very Potter Musical because the album was finally released!

Different as can be

Also, because I'm so very kind and you need to listen to more awesome music, the link to my mediafire folder. Take what you want kiddos!
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For me, it's Order of the Phoenix. I got into Potter after the fourth book had been released, so the fifth was the first one I ever had to wait for. All that theorising and the questions (would we find out what the gleam in Dumbledore's eye was from the fourth book, just who would be the big death, etc), it was all new and exciting. Getting my hands on the book for the first time was fulfilling in a way I hadn't experienced before for any type of entertainment. I sat myself down in the comfiest chair in the house and lost myself in the pages. At one stage I forced myself to have an hour break to try and draw it out but I only lasted half the time. I finished the book in eight hours. Not once in my life had I sat down and read a book cover to cover and I've always been a reader. OOtP capurted my heart the way no other book ever had.

By far, it's not the most satisfying plot-wise, like Goblet of Fire, or the most satisfying in terms of answers given (Deathly Hallows, obviously). Rather, it's the type of satisfaction and completion within yourself that comes from having found something to love. New love. First love.

True love.
Dumbledore is gay. Gay, gay, gay!


Spoilers for book 7, so don't look if you haven't read it yet.

This might just hve made my year.

I've been so flat lately, I haven't felt like doing anything or talking to anyone. I think I'm just bored.

I went to Bingo the other day to keep my Grandmother company and I won $30. Beat that kiddies!

I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings for the first time in a few years and it's like I'm reading it for the first time, I'm totally enjoying it.

The Office US fans, look at my layout! How awesome is that? And can you see the mood theme? Jim and Pam! Wish there was a Dwight one :(

One of my favourite comedy sketches ever )

Eric Bana before The Hulk, Troy and Munich )

Songs on repeat - all mp3 )
I've got nothing in particular to post today so I'm just going to contribute some random things.

Songs of the moment - all mp3 )

Recipe for the yummiest cheesecake in the world )

Harry Potter meme, spoilers obviously )
Ahhh, final Harry Potter book, you didn't disappoint. Much.

Spoilers, obviously )

*Begins the re-read*



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