2) [livejournal.com profile] camelot_drabble is a thing I am doing! Maybe! I don't know, I'm just bummed I haven't been able to write anything in a year and a half, and there's absolutely no pressure involved with this, I think it could be a good thing for me? COME PLAY WITH ME? Then when you've finished playing with me, go join the community. Ahahaha haha ha...ha? Forgive me, I've gotten into the Easter candy early.

3) Oh okay, so, totally random question that I could definitely google, except I'm here now, so I may as well ask...why is fish/seafood not considered meat? My family, though not generally religious in the slightest, always do the abstaining from meat thing on Good Friday, so we always have seafood and I DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU ARE FLESH FROM AN ANIMAL, Y SO SPECIAL, SEAFOOD?

3a) Did you guys ever hear that joke in primary school, where you'd ask someone if they liked seafood and if they said yes, you'd open your mouth to show them half-masticated food and say "see? food!" and it was ALWAYS HILARIOUS?

4) Speaking of opening mouths, I went to the dentist on Monday. Barely got any sleep the night before, was PACKING IT the morning of, but the dentist was tiny and adorable and I wanted to keep her forever. I have to get my wisdom teeth out at the end of the month and then some fillings and I'm super scared about these things. We were discussing the procedure and she's like, yeah, it's probably best you go to the doctor and get a script for valium. YOU DON'T KNOW ME OKAY MAYBE I'LL BE SUPER BRAVE AND AWESOME THAT DAY. MAYBE I WON'T EVEN WANT PAINKILLERS. THE DENTAL ASSISTANT WILL COME UP TO ME WITH THE NUMBING NEEDLE AND I'LL BE LIKE NO. I'M GONNA DO THIS RAW. I'VE GOT THIS.

That, or I'll wet myself with fear.

One of those two things, almost definitely.

5) Cheat's After Dinner Mint Cheesecake:

Serves one

¼ of a philly cheese packet, softened
caster sugar
2 Mint Slice biscuits (or your country's closest equivalent), crushed
dark chocolate, melted

1 - Beat cream cheese and about 1 tablespoon of caster sugar together until combined.
2 - Add about 1 tablespoon of cream and beat until combined.
3 - Add crushed biscuits and stir to incorporate. Refrigerate for 30 minutes-an hour.
4 - Swirl melted (but cool) chocolate through.
5 - Fucking gorge on that shit.

Sorry for the shady measurements, I was ~improvising. Add a drop of peppermint essence if you want a stronger mint flavour.

6) Oh man, sugar crash.

7) One more Bradley for the road

I was going to do a top five list of improbable things I want for Christmas and then I realised that they're all dirty. I need a perverts-only LJ filter, y/y? XD

Real point of this entry: a very early FRIVOLOUS PLOTS FRIDAY! )
I'm feeling brave and self-destructive, so what the hell, here we go -

The ALL ABOUT ME honesty meme

Reply anonymously (post comment -> more options -> Anonymous) and tell me what you REALLY think about me. Do I post too frequently? Do my RANDOM OUTBURST OF CAPS annoy you? Do you have sexy dreams about me (if so, details please)? How rubbish is my fic? TELL ME YOUR ISSUES, OKAY?

IP logging and "My Guests" are off, not that they were on to begin with, but, you know, now you know. Comments are screened until I work out if I'm okay with them.
Hey everyone, it's Frivolous Plots Friday! Or; it's Friday and I happen to feel like sharing the plotty madness that sometimes goes through my head, let's make a thing of it! Sounds like fun, right, Merlin?

Shut up, Merlin.

Cheesy trope, I want you so hard )

And that's that. What about you guys? Do you ever come up with fic ideas you know are ridiculous or corny but that you can't help but want?
HOME FOR A NIGHT, I AM EXCITE (and rhyming).

My visit is only tempered by the fact that last weekend my computer blew up, but at least I have my shitty, old laptop.


Firstly, birthday wishes! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIOUS LADY to [livejournal.com profile] plasticprincess and a very early HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU WONDERFUL WOMEN to [livejournal.com profile] xxkezziexx and [livejournal.com profile] amazonbard88! I hope everyone's day was/is fantabulous ♥

Next, [livejournal.com profile] rayslady wrote me comment fic and what can I say? It is Bradley, it is Colin and it is them lazing in bed and discussing Brideshead Revisited, so it goes without saying that it's prettty much 100% win all around. GO LOOK NOW. My love for Julia borders on downright disgusting, I swear.

Oh! WHY OH WHY did the beeb stop releasing Bradley and Colin's quests on my Friday nights and instead put them on on Saturdays? I HAD A HAPPY, ORDERLY ROUTINE - a little of the boys on Friday night to lead into a lot of the boys on Saturday night, it was perfect. NOW I'M SUFFERING A HAPPY OVERDOSE EARLY ON SUNDAY MORNINGS WHEN I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE CHILLING IN BED, DOING THE WHOLE "SLEEPING" THING. MY LIFE, GUYS, MY LIFE. IT IS HORRIBLE.

Woke up at 2am from two hours of sleep and decided that I had to find an outfit for this weekend's wedding RIGHT THEN. Eventually found one and then thought, 'meh, what the heck' and decided to clean the kitchens and bathrooms from top to bottom.

It's now 6am and I'm feeling like a pretty accomplished motherfucking boss but it's also possible I'm just delirious from the spicy combination of cleaning product fumes and a lack of sleep.

I think I'll make a meringue next, that seems to be the next logical step.


(Advice Merlin)
Pretty much just fishing for entertaining comments, I haven't slept all night and I'm slightly delirious and even the dog is getting sick of my rambles. So you have to answer one of these or all three if you want to be really cool and sexy:

1) Your theory on Bradley's sad!face yesterday.
2) What kink is really working for you in fic these days?
3) Describe, in vivid written detail, the extent of your love for me. Diagrams or flow charts will also be accepted.
HI HI HI. Home until Friday. I have zero to say but hi anyway. Thus far, my hiatus has yielded the meaningful, substantial and existential enlightenment one would expect, for example:

a) Baking a cake is far more rewarding at 2am, than at any other time.

b) If I had to experience dirty fic in audiobook form, I would want Nigella Lawson as the narrator.

c) I only exist as body heat for the dog to warm herself by of an evening.

d) I Know What You Did Last Summer remains a terrible, terrible film after all these years. Jsyk. Oh Freddie Prinze Jr., it hurts deep in my soul when you try to form an expression.

And that's that. Life-affirming, I know.
I'm trying to write het but instead I've filed my nails, cleaned the mouse and keyboard, begun a new Summer mixtape of which I'm nine songs into, explored every facet of LJ, and strung three rubber bands between my fingers so I could play finger banjo.

Moodtheme condition? Accomplished.
In a ridiculously happy mood tonight. Point form power!

*Bought myself some userpic space today, go see my new ones!

*Posted Bradley/Colin porn yesterday in case you missed it.

*[livejournal.com profile] rayslady and I should be taken out to a meadow and shot, as we quite honestly have no dignity left after we spent a good hour discussing what Bradley would be like if a) he was ill or b) he was pregnant. I wish I had NOT JUST CLOSED THE CHAT WINDOW LIKE A DICKHEAD THOUGH.

*There's been talk of a love-fest meme for the Merlin fandom going around, someone's doing this right? We need a big, gay orgy of love!

*Big family get together at my house this weekend, I'm very excited! I'm completely in charge of the cooking for the first time, so that should be VERY COOL/STRESSFUL.

*Any Wii games you'd rec? I finished Lego HP last week (frikkin' sweet btw) and I'm gonna trade it for something. But WHAT, is the question.

HP meme, days 5-10 )
I'm playing devil's advocate over at [livejournal.com profile] shapingdestiny and arguing that the magic reveal shouldn't happen in season three. Come join the debate and/or call me a fat cow for even entertaining such a blasphemous notion!

Although, honestly, I'm getting a bit of a headache now, I've never taken the show seriously for this long before :\
So, erm, I posted an entry last night around dawn o'clock and then sometime in the following six hours I woke up from my slumber and deleted it for no memorable reason. And I mean that quite literally, I cannot remember why on earth I'd bother. No alcohol was involved in the decision making process, I'm fairly certain. It just appears no conscious brain power was involved either.
All this rain must be messing with my brain because I'm actually considering writing for the It Happened One Night prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] reel_merlin. WHAT AM I DOING? I can't write! I never finish things! This is a really bad idea!

And yet I am watching the movie and taking notes right now.

This is ridiculous.

In related news, mmm, Clark Gable.

EDIT: Ack, no, I can't do it. Sanity has prevailed.



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