Are you ready to have your mind blown a bit?


If we compressed the fourteen billion years of our universe's history into just fourteen years, the earth would have only existed for the past five years.

Dinosaurs would have become extinct three weeks ago.

And the entire recorded history of human beings would span only the last three minutes.

Doesn't that just make your butt clench with excitement? Our lifespans aren't even a blip on the radar.
Via an anon at m_m:

I- I can't even bring myself to use capslock here. I'm just like...zen. There's just me, now, existing in this bubble of blissful serenity. Do you hear that? Do you hear that noise? That's ferns, unfurling their mossy arms. That's a butterfly's heartbeat, pumping life through its tiny body. It's the sound of raindrops, gliding down the trunk of a hundred-year-old tree.

Merlin, bless us all.
This is not fair to my lady bits, Colin. Not fair at all.

(from here)

Mind = blown.

Via Fuck Yeah The Universe


Also, Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] randomb33, hope it was a good one! ♥
Work today. God, I'm completely out of practice with the kids, I'm so tired after just a few hours. I did have fun catching up with them though.

Bree: You've got boobies good enough to be a mummy.
Me: *splutters* O...kay?

In unrelated news,

Via [ profile] xxkezziexx, via this new interview:

I don't usually find myself lusting after BJ but, er, HOLY SHIT.
I'm bored, so I googled some Katie McGrath images.

Enjoy the mini picspam )

In other news, I forgot to mention my [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt was filled! It was actually the first one to be done on the whole meme, I believe, (so if you followed the meme closely, you'll know which anon I was) which kind of made me feel spesh.
Day 14 → a non-fictional book

A Short History of Nearly Everything )

In other news, January sucked and February isn't looking that much better. I can't even tell you why, life is just poo.

On the bright side, Merlin fans, how adorable was that horse video? I said this somewhere else but I really want to buy them ponies and force them to make horse puns forever, just for my amusement. And Katie, HOLY FUCK, she is stunning and totally dorky, I want to marry herrrrr.

Speaking of Merlin, I really want someone to write me a fanfic to this song by the Magnetic Fields.

lyrics here )

It's so perfectly adorkable-Arthur-trying-to-tell-Merlin-how-he-feels-but-not-knowing-how.

Also, what happened to my m/a fanmix drabble writers? *pokes*

Album rec for you guys: Erland and The Carnival (Myspace link here for track previews). I've been listening to this one non-stop since I got it a couple days ago.



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