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My Arrested Development thoughts

TO BEGIN, OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THAT ENDING? I feel like they're being really positive though, like, fuck yes there will be a season 5 and/or movie. So I guess it's exciting, but I spent the whole thirteen eps in between one and fifteen waiting for the Bluth boys to get back together and make up and then it ends with the punch and omggggg DYING.

SO, WHAT ARE YOU THOUGHTS ON THE SEASON? Tell me your favourite/least favourite things?

I really, really liked it. I couldn't tell you until I rewatch whether I LOVED it, but right now I'm feeling pretty fucking fond. Maybe it's because I had low to no expectations? Deliberately so, I mean ninja please, after seven years and so much hype, who really expects to get the same class of show as the original? But it honestly felt very true to the original, even if the format was different. Of course I have gripes but I'm just glowing with adoration right now, I'm so fucking happy.

Favourite things:

George Michael's 41 seconds of silence (and then second 23 24)

Lucille 2: I used to wear that with the Captain. And I was...
Lindsay: Tennille?
Lucille 2: And not make eye contact, yes!

Methaod One

Henry Winkler's son playing young Barry Zuckerkorn.

Jessica Walter's legs, daaaaaaaamn girl.

The Gob/Tony Wonder story. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Disappointed it ended with Ann tricking them, but the first half of that ep was pure genius. The first time in season four I shook my fist at the sky and whispered 'Arrested Development' angrily and lovingly.

The second time was in George Michael's ep because it was BUGGING me in the first fews eps that he was suddenly a computer wiz, because where did that come from? NOWHERE, that's where, he was creating a woodblock app, OF COURSE HE WAS ♥

"The Da Vinci Code was from this photo."

Jokes I missed that tumblr is catching up me on, like Michael's pic on George Michael's phone is from when George Michael is explaining a "mayonegg" to him, or that Lucille's number on her prison jacket is a backwards 'hello' (Annyong!) written in numbers (look), or this, or FUCKING THIS.

Things I could complain about:

Pretty common complaint, but I felt they overdid the cameos. I mean, maybe if I watched Workaholics, I'd be excited by the scene, but I don't and all I was left with was "err, why was that necessary?" And the Conan/Andy bit? Was that in there just so Conan could make a joke? And you really want to hire John Krasinski for one or two lines of dialogue? I DON'T UNDERSTAND. They could have saved that money and put it into making the Henry Winkler CGI more believable.

(I did however love all the cameos from people who'd been in the original series. They got pretty much everyone except Maggie Lizer, Nellie and Starla, right?)

Which leads me to Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen. I didn't think they were bad (I thought Wiig was quite genius in the first ep), I just...again, why bother? They didn't bring anything.

Another common complaint is the format ie. character-based episodes. I think it needed to be that way and I thought it was clever how the storylines all tied together, BUT I also did find it dragged. In the first half of the season I was missing George-Michael/Maeby/Buster, but then by the last episode I realised I missed George Sr./Lindsay/Tobias. When you're so used to only spending minutes at a time with the characters before jumping to someone else's story, having a full 30 minutes dedicated to one or two people can be quite daunting and, at times, dull.

Also, did anyone else find the time jumps to be really confusing in the beginning ? It took me a few episodes to really understand the timeline. And, to be honest, I stopped trying to understand George Sr./Lucille's wall plans after a short amount of time, too much back and forthing there.

I know Lindsay and Tobias were always bad parents but they were REALLY bad. Like, really really. At least they used to pretend to care?

And and UM, there's definitely more, good and not so good, But I marathoned this thing all afternoon as my reward for cleaning the house in the morning, and I'm so tired. I feel like I'm gonna crash tomorrow, the low from today's constant high, but I don't care.

Arrested Development came back and it was good.



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