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- It was cute but then I guess everything is going to look like filler if it's not related to the Mordred arc?

- So, like, Uther watches over Arthur and sees him marrying a servant and knighting commoners, but he doesn't notice the 46762167461999974463 times Merlin's used magic in front of Arthur's (generally unconscious) face? I guess maybe he doesn't "watch over" so much as "check in periodically"?

- That possible plot hole bothered me a little but I was having fun until about the last 10 minutes, when I felt like they could have done so much more. I definitely needed more out of the Merlin/Uther interaction, I wanted Merlin to tear that blue butthead a new one. And I wanted more from Arthur afterwards, more anger at his father.

- The first Uther/Arthur scene was perfect though, oh god the Arthur feels ;__;

- My favourite part of the ep was Leon being boring at the round table meeting OMG ♥

- Love how evident it is now just how far the Arthur/Merlin friendship has come. UGH, that bit where Merlin calls Arthur an arrogant ass just to get a rise out of him and the look he makes after when he sees it doesn't work. They're both just so comfortable with each other. I mean, we've known this forever, but it really stood out in this ep.


- FUCKING POETRY OMG. Whenever you're feeling bad about this show from now on, just watch Leon and remember that every time he looks at Merlin and Arthur, he's picturing them doing poetry. Whatever that means.


- So disappointed we haven't seen Arthur's boobies yet.

Bingo results:


Will also accept M/A staring into each other's eyes for longer than necessary.

Damn, show. Switching things UP. I like that even when we lose at bingo, we win.


I wanted to check in with you guys though, because I'm not quite on board with some.

- Merlin reveals his magic deliberately. To Uther in this ep. Do we count it? Or should it be only for Arthur or Merlin's friends?

- Morgana feels an emotion that isn't evil. For Mordred when they reunite in 5x2.

- Percival wears bicep-covering clothes. In this ep at the round table. You all saw sleeves, right? Idk though, it's so quick, I feel like it should be a longer scene.

- Merlin tells Arthur the whole truth about something. In this ep, about Uther's ghost. But to be fair, Arthur was actively involved and the only one who could fix it, he didn't really have a choice then... Thoughts?

- Friendly creature. Bad touch alien from 5x1/2.
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